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  1. What really bugs me is the coaster tracks. I mean RCT3 had very realistic tracks considering how many there were and when the game came out. From the looks it seems like there are about 5 or 6 tracks and that simply isn't okay
  2. A little break from the story line. A coaster I made while I was bored over winter break, I think it turned out pretty good. I'm currently working on the supporting because the wooden support generator doesn't exactly work well with inversions.
  3. That's really good! I mean making it look anything close to real is extremely difficult due to the amount of detail disney puts in. My only complaint is the clearence envelope is really tight in some spots.
  4. The comet at TGE. First because it wouldn't be a hybrid because it has steel supports. 2nd because it's smooth as it is.
  5. You have to remember that's what makes these game fun for younger kids. Little kids don't want realistic they want unrealistic.
  6. Yeah as of right now there is 3 ways into and out of the Water Park. Way to much to monitor.
  7. TBH I think it really is split into two different park's in my opinion. Basically everything past the main bridge to the back half the park is Six flags. Think about it, it's more or less a parking lot. Then there is the other half of the park that includes Story town and ghost town. This part has pretty nice tree cover and ghost town has great themeing IMO. I think they try to keep all the Six flags commercialized stuff outside of storytown and ghost town.
  8. The paint on Bobsled is absolutely horrendous. If it lives another year the paint job needs a complete over haul. huge sections of paint are falling off, and by huge I mean like 4ftx 4ft pieces.
  9. TGE: Alpine Bobsled. I have a strong feeling 2015 will be it's last year operating.
  10. Nightmare is being used as a haunted house for now. From what I heard it's getting very positive reviews.
  11. This is just a pic of the new paint. I grabbed this pic at the park yesterday.
  12. Avoid the 2nd car on the red. I marathoned yesterday. Got 11 rides in total for the day.
  13. I'll be working tomorrow night dressed up as a Spartan. Make sure to say hey if you see me! I'll either be at Batman, Slingshot, Mind Eraser or Terror Twist! I saw you on Batman! I came pretty early on in the night right after the bizarro walk down. I'm sad a saw this late I woulda said something.
  14. I'm going tomorrow night with a few friends, Does anyone know what the crowds will be like on Halloween. I have a feeling it's either gonna be completely dead or ridiculously packed.
  15. I've always thought a GCI where Nightmare was would be a great addition to the park. And I'd scrap Steaming Demon first. Or the Boomerang. I think it'd be kinda weird to have two top notch wood coasters in one park without a good steel. In a perfect world they would somehow build a custom launch steel coaster utilizing Demon's nightmare's and CB's space. But ya know that's un realastic. Anyways, I think beside Comet Boomerang is the only coaster that's safe. Boomerang is by far the smoothest/best boomerang I've been on and it's the best looking. Let me know if you find a Vekoma that places in a better location.
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