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  1. What really bugs me is the coaster tracks. I mean RCT3 had very realistic tracks considering how many there were and when the game came out. From the looks it seems like there are about 5 or 6 tracks and that simply isn't okay
  2. A little break from the story line. A coaster I made while I was bored over winter break, I think it turned out pretty good. I'm currently working on the supporting because the wooden support generator doesn't exactly work well with inversions.
  3. That's really good! I mean making it look anything close to real is extremely difficult due to the amount of detail disney puts in. My only complaint is the clearence envelope is really tight in some spots.
  4. The comet at TGE. First because it wouldn't be a hybrid because it has steel supports. 2nd because it's smooth as it is.
  5. You have to remember that's what makes these game fun for younger kids. Little kids don't want realistic they want unrealistic.
  6. Yeah as of right now there is 3 ways into and out of the Water Park. Way to much to monitor.
  7. TBH I think it really is split into two different park's in my opinion. Basically everything past the main bridge to the back half the park is Six flags. Think about it, it's more or less a parking lot. Then there is the other half of the park that includes Story town and ghost town. This part has pretty nice tree cover and ghost town has great themeing IMO. I think they try to keep all the Six flags commercialized stuff outside of storytown and ghost town.
  8. The paint on Bobsled is absolutely horrendous. If it lives another year the paint job needs a complete over haul. huge sections of paint are falling off, and by huge I mean like 4ftx 4ft pieces.
  9. TGE: Alpine Bobsled. I have a strong feeling 2015 will be it's last year operating.
  10. Nightmare is being used as a haunted house for now. From what I heard it's getting very positive reviews.
  11. This is just a pic of the new paint. I grabbed this pic at the park yesterday.
  12. Avoid the 2nd car on the red. I marathoned yesterday. Got 11 rides in total for the day.
  13. I'll be working tomorrow night dressed up as a Spartan. Make sure to say hey if you see me! I'll either be at Batman, Slingshot, Mind Eraser or Terror Twist! I saw you on Batman! I came pretty early on in the night right after the bizarro walk down. I'm sad a saw this late I woulda said something.
  14. I'm going tomorrow night with a few friends, Does anyone know what the crowds will be like on Halloween. I have a feeling it's either gonna be completely dead or ridiculously packed.
  15. I've always thought a GCI where Nightmare was would be a great addition to the park. And I'd scrap Steaming Demon first. Or the Boomerang. I think it'd be kinda weird to have two top notch wood coasters in one park without a good steel. In a perfect world they would somehow build a custom launch steel coaster utilizing Demon's nightmare's and CB's space. But ya know that's un realastic. Anyways, I think beside Comet Boomerang is the only coaster that's safe. Boomerang is by far the smoothest/best boomerang I've been on and it's the best looking. Let me know if you find a Vekoma that places in a better location.
  16. CB's life should have been done before it came to TGE. It's on borrowed time now.
  17. I wouldn't bitch as much as people of all the other SF parks when they found out what they are getting. Thrill rides don't come around much and when they do they are used. SO I would welcome a brand new thrill ride.
  18. Thank you! I did purposely start with a simple out and back. I still believe there is a place in modern amusement parks for a good airtime filled woodie. But let's just say you never know how a company may evolve to stay in buisness
  19. Basically this is a thread for coasters a create. This is a little different though. I figured it would work like a timeline RCT park but with a twist. It will follow a so called coaster company. Kind of like B&M and RMC I'll try to establish patterns between the coasters made. My eventual goal will have people kind of speculating on new coaster concepts and elements much like people are speculating on what RMC is going to do next in real life. When I say coasters are for specific parks I do not look into land available or park history, it is strictly for story purposes. Any questions or criticism on my coasters or the idea of this thread please post them or PM me! ------------------------------------------------------ Hi my name is Jim Morrison and I am the CEO of Midway Coaster Company (MCC). I hold a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. I founded this company because of my childhood passion of Roller Coasters. I was commissioned on my first coaster by Cedar Fair. Shortly after I hired a team of 8 and opened a small office in Upstate New York. As of right now we specialize in strictly Wooden Roller Coasters but if a park asks for a steel coaster we will certainly be able to deliver to the park's need. I'm proud to introduce Cedar Point's newest roller coaster Creyo. Creyo hits speeds of 57 MPH and heights of 101ft. If you watch closely you can see the lift hill speed up near the top. This was influenced by The Comet at The Great Escape. It provides a pop of air time over the first drop. That's enough of me talking here are some stats and pics. Name: Creyo Height: 101ft Top speed: 57MPH Ride time: 1 minute 30 seconds Manufacturer: MCC Type: Sit Down Material: Wood Tunnels: 2 Trains: 2 - Pictures: POV: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  20. Why doesn't anyone like Intimidator? Although I get the backlash on adding a 2nd large B&M, the two at Canada's Wonderland really complement each other. Wow, I guess its true. It's impossible to please everybody but here it seems to be more prevalent than most discussion threads. You locals of Carowinds really need to be thankful for what you have and for what your getting. Fury 325 is going to be an amazing coaster and just about every other park including my own home park, Valleyfair, would give up their left nut to have a coaster like this in their park. Please don't complain about it or Intimidator. At Valleyfair, if Cedar Fair announced a coaster like Fury 325 you would literally be able to hear a shout of joy all the way down south from us Northern boys! +1. My wife and I really enjoyed Carowinds when we went the year before last. Intimidator is a nice compliment to Afterburn. The park was already solid to start with and now the whiners are crying about getting a 325 foot hyper coaster. WOW. Take a look around. SFSTL hasn't received major steel since 98. Our last bit of excitement was in 2008 when we got a GCI. Last year we got a freaking 27 year old used Boomerang. We don't have a hyper coaster, let alone a giga coaster. No one feels sorry for the whiners in this thread. Look at TGE. Not one of their coasters are original to the park (except for the boomerang). I'm pretty sure I would do just about anything to get a single B&M to the park even a stand up let alone the tallest non launch coaster in the world. But nothing is ever good enough for some people and we have to live with that. People will complain if the sun comes up in the morning
  21. People have to realize that scare actors, games attendance and food workers are not Ride ops. There may have been a lot of staff in the park but that doesn't necessarily mean they had a lot of ride ops. They may have had a shortage in ride ops.
  22. Going 4 years with one park is simply put, amazing. There is no better park that deserves to stay around this long. Easily the best park on this site
  23. All I know for sure is TGE allows rerides On The Comet. ( The only ride worth re riding. )
  24. I'm proud to introduce the new writer of Walaba Lake Park, ALT2870. The story line may be a little bit off as we shift between writers. -------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everybody, Harold Williamsburg here with our 1936 opening season. It has been a couple of years since we have added a ride, but it was worth it. The Great Depression as it is known has definitely came down hard on us but we have been able to fight back. Our punch this year towers above the rest literally. I am proud to introduce, Lightning Tower: This is by far the most revolutionary rides that you will ever see. Riders are hoisted up in no more then a park bench nearly 200 feet in the air. Then after what seems like hours, you a dropped down. But thanks to the canopy overhead, it is a nice slow descent. None the less your blood will be pumping in what only previously could be experience by so few. This ride frames so beautifully our great park and can be spotted in many places due also in part to its bright paint scheme. Even so, I think it may stand out too much, but then in again, it does have lightning in its name. Although some types of these rides have been attempted, we have brought it up to a whole new level. Unlike other attempts, we have opted for a support that is just a tube. This adds a level of thrill to what is already an amazing ride. Even from the top of Flitzer, you can spot it. However in the first few opening days we have not seen big crowds as we would like. Although the ride has a nice capacity, we do not think this is the cause of the problem. I guess it very well could be that many people are scared of this ride. Not many people have seen something so big supported by so little. Hopefully word will spread how great it is and it will pick up. Otherwise this would be bad news for the park. Speaking of it, maybe I should take my first ride...
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