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  1. I hope lightning rod is open tomorrow. I drove 9 hours to ride it so let's all pray it's open. If it's as good as Wicked Cyclone or Golaith then it must be really bad ass
  2. Does anyone have any idea of where the topscan will be going? I hope it's pieces aren't sitting out in the sun somewhere, I remember there were pieces of it under Furys first drop.
  3. This seems to have gone under the radar, Kissime is getting an SBF Visa looping frisbee
  4. I have never been to Lake Compounce and don't know much about the park so I have a few Questions 1. How long are the waits on a typical Sunday?' If I stop by the park it would be this Sunday. 2. Are there after 4 tickets? And if they are is that enough time to do the park? I heard it's rather small. 3. Is Boulder Dash really all the hype? I love ejector airtime and if I go out of my way to visit this park I would hope this coaster has some nice ejector.
  5. Looks like an amazing ride! I need to get to Liseberg and get on Balder, Helix and Mechanica!
  6. Do you think they changed the harness at all? Flying Aces apparently has a different harness. Both similar but different curves on there lap bars.
  7. I shall be at Carowinds tomorrow wearing a black Cedar Point shirt. If you see me say hey Mark!
  8. I hope this coaster has more of a Fury 325 feel then a Diamondback feel. Some of these B&M hypers have really strong layouts. This one can hopefully be up there with the better ones!
  9. Will these flats be ready by opening day? I was thinking about making the trip to Carowinds over spring break but if there not ready I will have to postpone my trip to April
  10. I wonder what this bending technology is. Hopefully then can fix this coaster of its that bumpy. I've been on 3 SLC's and none are that enjoyable
  11. What ever happened to the Mondial Topscan that was supposed to be coming to this park? Are the pieces still on site?
  12. This looks insane! I think it would look even better at Unversal Studios Orlando!
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