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Best Drops....

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Wow, Outlaw Run really looks fantastic in the rain. Someday, the vegetation will eat more of the ride too.


Anyway, Millennium Force has hands down the best drop I've been on. It plays an effect on you that it is infinitely steeper than it really is. It really seems to never end - something I have noticed on select others, but Millennium sells it. No other coaster comes close to the "duration" of that drop.


El Toro's is fantastic. Another no-brainier. This one also sells the "OMFG THE TRAIN IS OVER THE DROP" feeling but pairs it with some serious airtime. Unlike Millennium, this one is pretty short and is more intense.

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Millennium Force is phenomenal. In addition, I would nominate Boulder Dash. Why? It's not got any airtime, but the fall directly into punishing laterals that never seem to end sets the tone for that ride: Dash is in control. Dash will do what it wants to you. You'd better suck it up and take it like an adult.


Also, Larson drop towers.

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Of course Id have to go with M-force at Cedar Point! Tallest straight down non-spiraling drop I been on and it feels awesome!


Other noticeable mentions are Mavericks super steep drops it gives you that "omg im gonna fall on my face!!!" feeling.

Goliath at SF Great America is pretty awesome too. Feels extremely steep and tall.


I also love B&M dive coaster drops as well! That free fall feeling is awesome!

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Toro (in the magic seat)

Skyrush (front or back)

Maverick (rear)

are the first drop trifecta, with honorable mention to I305 (in the rear).



Zumanjaro (for length/duration)


Demon Drop/Intamin 1stgens

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My personal favourites that I've been on:


1. Outlaw Run's 2nd drop, coming out of the twist to the right into a sharply banked left turn.

2. Millennium Force's 300 foot drop.

3. Top Thrill Dragster's spiral drop

4. Monster's beyond-vertical first drop

5. Outlaw Run's nearly vertical first drop.

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1a) Fury 325

1b) Leviathan


The two B&M giga first drops seemingly last forever and because of their ever increasing angle of descent, you float the entire way down.


2) Millennium Force


Amazing view seeing Lake Erie as you crest the lift and the drop is almost as good as the B&M gigas. The drop felt like it was over sooner, but still excellent.


3a) El Toro

3b) SkyRush


These two drops have insane ejector air and want to rip you from the train. The RMCs I've been on are close in intensity, but their drops are shorter so they don't quite reach the greatness of these two Intamins.

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Favorite coaster first drops in no particular order:

IRat, Millennium Force, Maverick, Outlaw Run, Switchback, NTaG, Valravn, Screamin' Eagle, Wild Eagle


Favorite non-coaster drop:



Favorite not-first/launch coaster drops in no particular order:

IRat's ending drop off the cliff, Maverick's post-launch sweeping drop, TTD's spiral drop, Powder Keg's first drop

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Favorite wood coaster drop: Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer, especially in the back getting pulled over the crest

Favorite steel coaster drop: Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, first dive coaster I was ever on and even if the coaster itself leaves something to be desired the drop itself is great.

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I'll vote for my home park, SFGAmerica, having the best collection/variety of awesome first drops.


Demon - 2nd to back seat, that "Arrow fault" snap on the first drop (which was removed from the California model in the 90s) never fails. Short but sweet!


Whizzer - here's where intensity doesn't always win. Stars slow and gradually builds down that loooooong ramp. Same as Revo at SFMM, but you are greeted with a right hand curve instead of a loop.


American Eagle - huge *ROUND* drop. Nearly stops at the top, then you keep getting steeper and steeper, faster and faster... has always had the unique epic feel. "Near" air time in the back. It's like rolling down the cliff of a mountain.


Goliath - hyrbird wooden coaster with a super-steep first drop (not the most comfortable for some very tall people, truth be told). Very intimidating! (my favorite part of the ride is still the dive loop through the wooden structure.)


For all-time best drops, I'll vote for Cyclops at Mt. Olympus - when it HAD buzz bars. Scary as hell and freaking awesome! The Conneaut Blue Streak; everyone talks about the wicked first drop, but that 2nd drop is even better! True air time in an old school way. (Also my #2 coaster!)

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Favorite wood coaster drop: Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer, especially in the back getting pulled over the crest


Amen! Gets my stomach and somehow catches me off guard every time. You really do feel catapulted over the hill in the back. The incredible view of Lake Erie and awesome airtime don't hurt, either. I actually logged in to post about RFII in this thread, but I'm glad someone else has mentioned it.

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Of the coasters I've been on Millenium Force has to be the winner.


At my home park, I am a big fan of the first drop on The Boss in the back; it has the flat section to get the train moving a little then doesn't play around with gradually dropping, it has that aggressive, straight into the drop kind of profile followed by the turn to the right with the double down inside the structure of the ride, especially fun at night. Nostalgically fond of the third drop and the drop after the last curve on Screamin' Eagle.

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I'll agree with "THE DROP" on Cyclops. That whole park is a lead up to that particular coaster moment - the rest is....meh


Skyrush- first drop - don't know what it is, but about half way down, it decides that you would be better off somewhere in the middle of the pond or parking lot. I swear I thought it was trying to kill me. One of my favorites anywhere anytime.

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SFMM has some intense coaster drops.


X2 - This is the most intense drop in the park, hands down. The first and last rows offer very different experiences on that drop. In the first row, your seat flips over while the rest of the train slowly eases over the slight drop at the top of the lift hill, leaving you momentarily hanging while staring straight down, with nothing between you and the ground except your harness. In the last row, there is no hesitation at all. You feel the train start to speed up while you're still on the lift hill. In a second, you're flat on your back and picking up speed while going over the slight drop, then you're quickly flipped over while screaming 180 feet down. The force of quickly flipping over while accelerating down the drop will pin your head to the head rest, and no matter how hard you try to resist, it'll stay there until the train slows down at the top of the raven turn.


Twisted Colossus - It's not the tallest drop in the park, but it's 80-degree drop would catapult you out of your seat, if it wasn't for the lap bar - especially if you sit in the back. Measuring only 116' feet tall, this drop's intensity will even put Goliath's 255-foot drop to shame. The best part is, you get to do it twice!


Apocalypse - Again, not the tallest or steepest drop in the park, but you manage to pick up speed quickly. Since this drop is nestled in the middle of the coaster's elements, you don't really see it unless you sit up front. It definitely caught me by surprise the first time I rode it.


Viper - This coaster gets a lot of hate from the GP, but I really like the first drop on this coaster. If you sit toward the back, you begin to pick up speed before reaching the crest of the lift hill. The drop goes straight out a little bit before turning 180 degrees to the left, but if you're in the back, you can't tell where the track is going. Speeding up while going downward along an unseen track is pretty freaky.


Tatsu - Not sure if this really counts as a drop, but when you go straight down into the loop, it gives the feeling of your stomach shooting up into your head.

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This thread makes me really sad that Cyclops had it's "DROP" reprofiled. I rode it last year in the back row and it honestly didn't seem intense at all, so I guess that's no longer a thing that exists :/.


Exactly. I haven't been back since they re-profiled the drop AND added the standard (not as fun) PTC (Nurse) ratchet bars. I want to remember it how it was. They moved the ledgers on that drop a few inches here and there, and it's reported to be a much tamed-down drop.


A few inches here and there is all it takes, I've experienced GCIs work on HWs legend (the snap on the first drop is gone) and Yankee Cannonball (nearly all airtime is gone), and I can confirm a few inches is all it takes to completely neutralize some previously great airtime. I don't know who did the Cyclops work, but the process is similar.

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My top drops would be Oblivion, for the sustained airtime and hole, Stealth, as it is the tallest drop I have been on and finally I feel Olympia Looping deserves a mention, it is really disorientating and it feels like vertical. Also it flows so well into the loop.

I am looking forward to Expedition Ge Force. Is it as good as it looks?

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