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  1. Wife and I are heading to Carowinds tomorrow for my first ever time visiting. Already went and bought Fast Lane for both of us. Anyone recommend any places in the park to get food or even get a few beers?
  2. The park is open during the weekends of November, but if you want to maximize the time you have at Six Flags, the park is open longer the weekend after Labor Day. The weekend after that, though, the park is only open on Sunday due to a private event. In terms of crowdedness, I wouldn't expect it to be too crazy. If you decide to go in November, the park will be open on the weekends. Weather wise, it shouldn't be too cold yet. Ride wise, I'm not sure if GASM, Superman, Blue Hawk, SkyScreamer or JLB4M will be open since they close the back of the park for maintenance. Crowd wise, it won't be crowded. People don't realize the park is even open half the time. If you want to know anything else, let me know. If you want to meet up, grab a beer, and get some rides in, I live roughly 20 minutes from the park, and it'd be great to meet up with some TPR people.
  3. ^ The kid in general has a lot of posts that can go in this thread.
  4. Georgia isn't open for a month still? the Texas SF (Fiesta, Over Texas) open tomorrow for the season. (2/24) Nope. Not until 3/10. I would love to go for the opening, but I'll be in Florida going to BGT and SWO that weekend.
  5. This thread.... offseason can't end soon enough. Anyway, less than a month until the park is opened for the season, and by then, we should know for certain what's going on with TC. I'm in the camp that there's no 3rd lap and that there's just a few adjustments being made to the layout. Either way, based off what I've heard about other RMCs, this will still be a vast improvement over Georgia Cyclone and will serve as a great addition to the collections of great rides at the park.
  6. You know what, let people complain. Less people in line of me while I constantly re-ride this! It may not be Steel Vengence, but hey, it's 20 minutes from me and will probably be the most kick ass ride at the park.
  7. Outside of the 2 major water rides, Thunder River and Splashwater Falls, and the kiddie rides, I'll ride everything else at SFOG. GASM is tight on my thighs, but I don't mind, and with Twisted Cyclone coming, the worst ride at the park is a mediocre Vekoma which is still better than most bottom tier coasters out there.
  8. Hell yes! I don't care that it's a little shorter than most of the other RMCs. I'm just stoked to finally have one only 20 minutes from me! I love the blue track as it's an unique color on these RMCs outside of Twisted Collosus, and it'll pop when you see it coming up to the park. Everything just looks so amazing! With Twisted Cyclone, Mind Bender, and Goliath as the main trio, I think the park has a very strong coaster line up now.
  9. And would it make any sense, any, to tear out Cyclone and put in a Joker themed Free Spin in an area nowhere near either of the two DC comics themed areas especially when there's 2 Joker themed rides already? The best place for a Free Spin would probably be where Splashwater Falls is.
  10. Yeah, I'm still convinced it's a RMC conversion, but we'll know for sure in 2 weeks.
  11. Does the crane say Rocky Mountain Construction? From what I saw of it, the crane was orange and belonged to a general contractor. I'm sure RMC trucks will show up this week or by the end of the month. It sounds like I'll be at the park next Sunday at some point, and I'll know then.
  12. I'm at the park today. All I see is a crane underneath the ride and no activity or track removed.
  13. Maybe a hint of Georgia Cyclone being renamed to something hurricane related?
  14. If we got snow here, there'd be nothing happening for a week guarantee. Everything would just shut down.
  15. Just checked CoasterQueue since I'm curious what the wait time is. Dahlonega Mine Train has a 55 minute wait, and everything else is 35 minutes or less
  16. So, I was thinking with the construction of RMC Cyclone, is there a good chance Georgia Scorcher could get repainted finally since it's pretty much right across the entrance of Cyclone?
  17. I went to school in Cherokee County, a county north of Cobb. Traditionally, both Cobb and Cherokee start the first week of August and get out around Memorial Day weekend. It's because there are breaks scheduled in September and February that most other counties don't have. It's so there's a week off roughly every 6 weeks, but they still can have a full year of school. It's honestly a great schedule since kids don't get too burned out, and they have a week to recharge and get through the next 6 weeks.
  18. While I love Georgia Cyclone, I'm really glad RMC is coming back to the Deep South to bring another amazing coaster back and making it better! Also really excited to have an RMC 20 minutes from me! RMC Cylcone, Goliath, and Mind Bender, what one hell of a triplet.
  19. The beautiful thing about Georgia is that there's a Zaxby's and Chick fil A everywhere since both are based out of here. Those two are my favorites by far.
  20. I usually go straight to Georgia Scorcher or Georgia Cyclone and Acrophobia first.
  21. Six Flags Over Georgia - 20 minutes Alabama Splash Adventure - 2.5 hours Carowinds/Dollywood - 4 hours
  22. A tornado was spotted at the park. Hopefully everyone there were able to get to shelter quickly, nothing was damaged, and everything will be fine for this weekend.
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