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  1. In West Palm we have all of those except Raising Cane's, but Popeyes, Zaxby's, Church's, and Chick-fil-A do the best job overall. I never go to Church's often because its a little ways to drive. But KFC is BAD. They have poor service, and the people are always giving me the wrong order and then they throw the food on the floor and then put bleach on it, and then give me it. I will never eat there EVER again. And I tell them that what their doing is wrong, but they say "Shove it up your a**", and then they ask me where im from, and I say Hawaii, and then they call me a Hawaiian racist name, like Pineapple Nigger, Lava Nigger, Moke, and Poi-belly. Then, they always tell me to "Stay the **** in Hawaii, where you belong"
  2. I saw Wade Shows setting up for the South Florida Fair today, and they had some rides already up and ready to go, such as the Music Express (Quasar). Zipper Super Cyclone Coaster Pirate and Music Express Dragstrip Mega Slide Wipeout Yo-Yo Fighter Cliff Hanger was put way over here Scooters (Sorry for the blurry photo)
  3. I dont like KFC, because last time they called me Pineapple Nigger, Moke, and other Hawaiian racist names (my ancestors are from Hawaii btw)
  4. Zootopia was GREAT!!!! But Finding Dory was AMAZING!!!! It had the best movie character in the world: Dory!!!!
  5. Whats your favorite movie of 2016? Deadpool (Feb 12) Zootopia (Mar 4) Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (Mar 25) The Jungle Book (Apr 15) Captain America: Civil War (May 6) The Angry Birds Movie (May 20) Alice Through the Looking Glass (May 27) Finding Dory (Jun 17) The Secret Life of Pets (Jul 8) Suicide Squad (Aug 5) Pete's Dragon (Aug 12) Sausage Party (Aug 12) Kubo and the Two Strings (Aug 19) Doctor Strange (Nov 4) Trolls (Nov 4) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Nov 18) Moana (Nov 23) Rogue One (Dec 16) SING (Dec 21)
  6. Which of these Chicken Restaurants do you like the best, by looking at the food? KFC Popeyes Church's Chicken Zaxby's Raising Cane's Chick-fil-A
  7. So here we go...the Delta Fair. The carnival of about 70 rides was provided by Amusements of America. A lot of old favorites, such as the Avalanche Coaster (Pinfari Zyklon), the Yo-Yo, and the Zipper have been removed, as well as Space Roller. But otherwise, it's a pretty good fair. I went on September 3rd, aka the day they had the ride accident, which I saw with my bare eyes. The midway was one of the better carnivals of AoA, along with Ohio State Fair. Both have good ride selections. Giant Wheel Cliff Hanger Wave Swinger Banzai Sizzler Tornado Pharaoh's Fury Moonraker- Never riding this again after the accident Alpine Bobs Starship 3000 Moby Dick Vertigo Ring of Fire Crazy Mouse Coaster- Highlight of the trip Flatline 360
  8. I visit the fair every year here. Wade Shows puts on a FANTASTIC event, despite having shrunk the midway a tiny bit.
  9. Here are my top 10 favorite Wade Shows Rides!!!! #1. Hit in 2000 #2. Super Cyclone Coaster #3. Street Fighter 360 #4. Fighter #5. Rock Star #6. Mighty Mouse Coaster #7. Free Bird #8. Pirate #9. Centrifuge #10. Magnum
  10. We used to have the Ring of Fire back in 2007 I think, and the Zipper in 2009, but they stopped using those rides now. We had the Huss Rainbow in 2014, but they stopped using it too.
  11. We used to have the Ring of Fire back in 2007 I think, and the Zipper in 2009, but they stopped using those rides now. We had the Huss Rainbow in 2014, but they stopped using it too.
  12. Here are a few rides that will be coming to my hometown fair, the South Florida Fair. (Note: All rides shown WILL be coming, I even asked Frank Zaitshik himself, and he told me what was and wasn't coming) Super Polar Himalaya, Delusion, New York New York, Speed, and Sky Wheel are not coming. The reason is they are bringing the refurbished Zipper, the new Street Fighter 360, the Hit in 2000, the Tarantula (Eyerly Spider), and the Yo-Yo instead, and these I would prefer anyways. Oh by the way, I will already tell you that the Hit in 2000 will be #1 or #2 because it is a VERY POPULAR Wade Shows ride. Zipper (Newly refurbished for 2017) Pirate Free Bird Rock Star Orbiter Mighty Mouse Coaster Super Cyclone Coaster Street Fighter 360 (NEW FOR 2017) Extreme Centrifuge Hit in 2000 Alpine Bobs Enterprise Spin Out Yo-Yo Fighter Tilt-A-Whirl (Note: They use a different one now its a red, white, and blue one) Wipeout Vertigo Mega Drop
  13. They used to bring the RC-48 to the South Florida Fair along with the Zyklon/Crazy Cat. Then in 2015, they replaced RC-48 with the Mighty Mouse Coaster, and that stayed the same for 2016 too. They brought the rethemed Zyklon called Super Cyclone last year, but they have never once brought Comet II.
  14. So here is a photo trip report from the 2016 South Florida Fair. Me and my friend Jason went on January 15 and 16, and on the next two weekends too. (Btw this is my local hometown fair) Rainbow and Zipper were not present, as they were going to their manufacturers. Luckily, Zipper came back out in August for the fall route. Yo-Yo was not present again this time, but Frank Zaitshik told me that there was no room, so they had Vertigo instead, since there wasn't room for both. Luckily, he told me yesterday that there will be both next year. But what im really excited about is the Hit in 2000, in which they are bringing next year instead of the Super Polar Himalaya. The Giant Wheel is always the first ride of every visit to the fair!!! Super Polar Himalaya really needs an upgrade, I mean look how ugly the lights look. Nevertheless, we still rode it. Dragstrip Mega Slide (couldn't get a night photo so I picked the one from the daytime) Sky Wheel Twister Fighter was back from a one-year absence last year!!! :D Cliff Hanger (couldnt get a good photo so I chose this one from 2014) Ring of Fire was back, although Wade had to book in a Larson Fireball, since they were redesigning their actual one. And this ride has been absent for 2 straight times in a row. Fire Ball (couldnt get a good picture so i chose this one) Disko was new, but I skipped it, having rode it at the Ohio State Fair last year. Spin Out was back after a one-year absence Centrifuge Orbiter- new and improved with color changing LED's Enterprise runs the best here Rock Star Typhoon (photo caught from on-board the Rock Star) Space Roller Vertigo Sizzler Super Cyclone Coaster- brand new and VERY fun, way better than the former Crazy Cat Coaster Mulligan Wheel- the third ferris wheel of the fair Pirate looked nice in LEDs Music Express was back for its 2nd year here Techno Power Extreme Wipeout Alpine Bobs Magnum- my beloved Mondial Shake New York New York was a brand new fun house and it's double-decker Mighty Mouse- literally one of my favorite Wade Shows attractions Delusion Speed- skipped because I can not do this one its too much Zero Gravity Tilt-A-Whirl on-ride Scooter Mega Drop Khaos- one of the best rides there
  15. I forgot to post the Centrifuge its a new themed Gravitron, but it was broken when I went Centrifuge
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