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  1. I've done it that way 4 times over the last 3 years. It definitely is a long day, but it's nice having not spent the extra money on a hotel and additional food. And it is extremely nice and rewarding to get home and sleep in your own bed after such a long day. The way it has worked out I went on two of those trips on Sundays late in the season, and twice last year so the park wasn't open late AND didn't really want to stay in a hotel anyway. As with KC, I'll sometimes bundle KI with a concert and obviously spend the night in that situation, or if I go on a day when the park is open lon
  2. ^This is pretty much where I'm at too. They are just different, but both high quality experiences. CP is almost always a 2-2.5 day at the park kind of thing where I'm staying on site. KI is frequently a LONG one day turnaround 5.5 hours there, at the park from noon to 8ish depending on the day, and 5.5 hours back home. That way my only real costs as a platinum pass holder are gas, food, and fastlane. I really enjoy both parks for what they are and probably would say I like CP more, as it's just more of a full experience. KI is fantastic too, and I'm excited to try out Camp Cedar and
  3. I'm hopeful that this $20/hour thing goes over so well that the park is able to realize some actual value from paying the employees more and it results in drastically improved operations and in park spending. After all, "with so many gold passes out there", you'd think they need to have people spending money as frequently as possible, which they can't do if they are in line for food for an hour at a time. Wishful thinking...but I'd like to go that last scheduled full week of operations and hope the park isn't as much of a disaster by then.
  4. Sadly, HWfan is no longer with us as of maybe 6 months ago. Very unfortunate. I believe Screamin' Eagle has the ACE coaster landmark designation and I think it would be able to keep that. The coaster classic designation is the one that requires original rolling stock, mechanics, etc.
  5. I was born in 1982 and definitely rode with the old trains but that's literally all I specifically remember...being in the old train, then the difference after they changed. I also remember wanting to ride Jet Scream and not being tall enough...and it was gone in the next year or two and I never got the chance.
  6. I could be wrong but I believe it was modified many years ago. In the early 90s when it was changed over to ratcheting lap bars and seat dividers. At the time the park advertised this as new trains that made the ride faster. If remember correctly they claimed 70 mph, which seems unlikely in reality. But I believe there were modifications made including the removal of a hill towards the end of the course and banking of the turn around off the lift hill.
  7. I went the weekend before last and wasn't going to do any sort of report or review, but with this discussion, I'll throw my hat in the ring. I thought Orion was fantastic. Millennium Force is the only other giga I've been on. I hesitate to say Orion was better...but definitely different experiences. I would say if you're looking for excitement, Orion is definitely ahead in that category. The airtime is strong, and the elements are exciting. I would take it over Diamondback hands down, and I like Diamondback. While there are obviously less "airtime moments" on Orion, they are undoubt
  8. I'm with you here, I've been 2 different days with fast lane at CP this year, and it's the least I've ever had to wait at the park. Especially the ones where the merge is at the station. Literally walk up and get on the next train or 2 almost every time. Also agree, Fastlane is fantastic at KI.
  9. It isn't ideal, but it definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Of course, I already had fast lane the previous day so it wasn't as important as it may have been without. It really wasn't too big of an inconvenience, and I'd definitely prefer that to considerably longer wait times. I have beat up knees from years of playing soccer and multiple ACL replacements on one of them, and at this point I haven't been great about taking care of myself for a few years, so the walking around to collect passes, then walking around again to use the passes is a little annoying. Otherwise the pa
  10. ^I was at the park this past weekend and I wouldn't necessarily say you're screwed, but temper your expectations and have a plan. We had fast lanes on Saturday and it was definitely busy. We stayed at lighthouse point, and entered through the Magnum entrance, which is the only one open besides the main entrance, and is only available to resort guests. When we went into the park on Sunday we weren't as timely as I would have liked, entered at 11:45 and the park was supposed to open at 11:15 with rides starting at 12. We went at a leisurely pace and went to MF and decided for access pa
  11. Don't hold back on the drama, bro. Just let it flow. Moreso agreeing that its kind of silly not to put more people on the rides than expressing concern for the situation My bad. You have to admit it's hard to tell, anymore. Yeah, it was not clearly worded...poor internet sarcasm. You see stuff on TV about if you're riding a bike you leave a 30 foot cone shaped wake of you air particles... you're riding through whatever anyway, load it up.
  12. Don't hold back on the drama, bro. Just let it flow. Moreso agreeing that its kind of silly not to put more people on the rides than expressing concern for the situation
  13. I know it's almost always going to be less than 10 minutes, but maybe socially distancing within the station is part of the equation, at least on some rides? Maybe not, as you could have standing spots staggered far enough apart (like valravn is) in all but the tightest stations. Just thinking out loud. But I wondered the same thing, as you're potentially hurtling along at 70 mph with front seat virus blasting its way through your mask...
  14. I know it's almost always going to be less than 10 minutes, but maybe socially distancing within the station is part of the equation.
  15. Peripherally related: One time i ended up in the front seat of Banshee next to an odd gentleman in a Red Wings jersey. He told me on the way up the lift that Banshee was his favorite ride and he was not happy that they had not been playing the scream at the top. He then yelled "Banshee scream!" at the top and replicated the scream as loud as he could. One of the weirder interactions I've had on a ride.
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