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Best Drops....

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It's not excactly a drop but I still remember a ride on Thunderbolt where on the bump before the lift my knee's went slamming into the Buzz bars. That was some of the best airtime I ever got, and a pretty big bruise.


I thought I was the only one. That was a totally unexpected and insane pop of airtime.

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Outlaw Run and Goliath both have awesome first drops. Great airtime, great length, and they really give you that "holy crap" feeling. I also particularly liked X-Flight's first drop, especially on the left side, for the sheer novelty of being basically half a loop (yes, it's the only wing coaster I've been on). Props go also to Thunderation; the coaster starts at the top of the mountain and winds down almost like an alpine coaster for a good distance, not traveling upward at all until you hit the bottom of the mountain--so technically the first drop contains a tunnel and a double helix.

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Skyrush's first drop in the back row, kicks so much ass. Somehow, I don't understand how, it has two distinct jolts of airtime in one drop. Crazy.


Also El Toro's first drop kicks all sorts of booty, along with the hill over (now defunct) Rolling Thunder.


I'll probably get a lot of shit for it, but Millennium Force has an incredible first drop. The angle of descent keeps getting steeper and steeper, until it starts to level back out. I think that gives it a really great period of sustained negative G's. Better than most out there, which I think is due to most coasters reaching their steepest angle rather quickly, then staying that angle until it starts to level out. Thats why I wish I305 could just have MF's first drop, as I305 seems to reach its max angle quicker, and remains static. Instead of MF's, where it keeps getting steeper and steeper without reaching a static angle of descent.


Honorable mentions go to Jack Rabbit's double-down, Phantom's Revenge's cliff dive, Maverick's first drop, Fahrenheit's first drop in the back row, and the first drop of any Dive Machine.

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When it's hauling, it sometimes even sneaks up and nabs my unofficial "Best Ride on Lake Erie" crown.


When I get the rare chance to have some controls time at Ravine Flyer II, I make a point of saying this repeatedly to guests. I have never felt a first drop on a coaster that yanks you out of your seat so unexpectedly like Ravine Flyer II does. Combine that with some crazy, yet not uncomfortable lateral g's at the bottom of the drop, you have one sick twisted first drop. I can still recall the first time I took Ravine Flyer II on in the back seat in 2008, I thought I was dropping on an A.R.M. drop tower the way my stomach went up into my throat.


Maverick has another pretty cool first drop on the shores of Lake Erie where you are popped out of your seat then slammed into a tight, ground-hugging turn.

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After riding Goliath (SFGAm), I really enjoyed the first drop on that ride. It's really weird coming from a wooden coaster


Other than that, any hyper coaster drop in the last row and any beyond-vertical drop is amazing

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Skyrush has a short but great drop in part because of

A. How the lift throws your over the hill and,

B. the first banked turn element right after that drop.


**Sidenote it still amazes me how they packed a full hyper coaster is n that narrow footprint.

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Assume you are riding all of these in the back row


1. El Toro - Simply blissful, sustained ejector

2. Intimidator 305 - It goes on forever, I love it

3. Iron Rattler - RMC's best drop to date, I love the change of direction

4. Skyrush - HOLY SHIT, most insane drop ever

5. Outlaw Run - The pre drop makes the whole drop terrific in the back

6. Millennium Force

7. Goliath - SFGAm

8. Griffon/SheiKra

9. Twisted Colossus

10. Raging Bull

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