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Best Drops....

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Mystery Mine's second drop is really good.

Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom, and especially Alpha for some reason, has some really unexpected drops filled with airtime.

The first time I rode Splash Mountain when I was 8 the drop seemed like it lasted forever.

Manta had a good drop too, an uncomfortable one though.

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Getting yanked down Ravine Flyer II's first hill while riding in the back is my favorite coaster drop, and perhaps overall favorite coaster moment/element. No matter how many times I ride it, it always takes my breath away! That drop is airtime nirvana and stomach-tickling coaster bliss, all in a gorgeous setting. When it's hauling, it sometimes even sneaks up and nabs my unofficial "Best Ride on Lake Erie" crown.

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Diamondback's first drop in the back right seat is fantastic. It's a solid 3 or 4 seconds of pure 0g.

I haven't ridden diamondback but shambhala (which must have a similar drop apart from the extra height) has an awesome one. I really liked skyrush's with its crazy ejector air but shambhala's feels never-ending and provides some nice floater all the way down.

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Wood - GhostRider. It's the only wooden coaster I've been on, but the first drop is pretty great. It's pretty straight and steep and it really builds up that "oh crap" moment for the rest of the ride.

Steel - Xcelerator. This is a launch coaster, so I'm talking about the top hat's drop. It's 90-degrees straight down and it's over so quickly. I love it.

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