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  1. Always fills my heart with hometown pride that Las Vegas has the worst steel coaster in America. I rode it last week with the new trains and its still awful.
  2. Cuphead finally released out of nowhere on the ps4 yesterday so I've been playing that. It is probably the most brutally tough game I have tried to actually finish and I've been loving it so far. If you've never played it before please do. You won't regret it.
  3. What donut did you get? Most donuts I've gotten from VooDoo were around $3 which is a reasonable price for being on theme park property. I also think VooDoo is a little bit overrated but it's definitely better than an Albertsons (or any other grocery store) donut which is more like $1 now. I think comparing it to a donut shop donut which runs $1.50-$2 is more fair. I think I got a maple bar. Maybe I accidentally got some weird special donut they had that day but it was nothing all that great. Maybe it was just bad luck of the draw.
  4. Glad someone said voodoo was overrated. I didn't think the donut I paid six bucks for there was any better than the donut I pay 50 cents for at my Albertsons
  5. Was Europa the last major park in the world to not have any kind of skip the line system.
  6. I find it funny that Zeus has a sign In the station saying it's running aggressive today which implies it has days it's not running aggressive.
  7. It's like no one learned anything from the terminator movies.
  8. I've done both Raptors and they are the wildest 26 seconds in the business. Would love if sfmm got one.
  9. If this stays true... Looks like we will finally make it out to visit this park. We had been talking about it... Then all this crap happened. If they finally open June 14th (or some where around there) will be there! It's a really nice friendly park and the voyage is one of the best wooden coasters in the world.
  10. More places in the world to play fascination is always a good thing.
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