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  1. Honestly it's still one of the best restraints in the entire park. It's not exactly hard to do that but they're burgers are still better than any of the other burger places.
  2. To me it seems like vekoma is going for more of floater airtime than ejector. They're speed hills are extremely spread out, and their big hills are shaped very similar to b&m. Personally I would rather have the intamin ejector.
  3. By the way, there was another good reason for it to shut down yesterday, staffing. Halloweekends staffing is always an issue, they are never able to keep all the coasters open so they might as well shut this down at the start of halloweekends.
  4. Well, in an Interview with Alan Shilke at iappa a couple years back he stated that RMC had 4 projects for 2017. I don't think this includes 4d free spins, given that he also said there were 3 projects for 2016, and they were hoping to get another one in their(like they did). Also, on RMC's instagram page they posted some pics of the factory, and you can see what is clearly Iron horse track(its a flat turn, so it cant be a 4d). In another pic they show a machine manufacturing parts that, according to the caption, are for a train.
  5. Actually you'll notice this actually means they are adding a giant flat section of track on one side up mean streak.
  6. Its always annoyed me that barrel rolls on flying coasters are considered an inversion. Your never upside down at any point during them.
  7. Once again, thanks for breaking it down, super helpful!! One more question since you said you reserved your FP ahead of time...can you pick up the wristband itself a day or two in advance? I will be arriving Monday evening, spending few hours that night, then spending all day Tuesday and Wednesday. I will only fork over the FP money for only one of those two days, most likely. My question is can I pick up the wristband on Monday night for my visit on Tuesday/Wednesday? It wouldn't inconvenience me too badly if I can't, but it would save a bit of time. Also, where do I pick these wristbands up? Can I get one at the entrance by WT since that is where I'd go as a Breakers guest? And can I pick it up before I get in for early entry? Thanks in advance. You know I am really not sure. One year we got them at the gate just by showing them the tickets for the purchase, I think another year the hotel had them and we got them handed out when we checked in. and kept the second days FL pass in the safe. Either way you can get the FL bands at the gate when you walk in for early ride time, just don't try to use the FL before the park opens, they kind of laugh a little bit at you. We did get the bands by Wicked Twister two years ago, last year was at the hotel (I think we got them at the hotel because with the hotel stay we got a FL + thrown in, guessing that was the reason to get them at the front desk last year). The ramp only takes 15 minutes, if the entire fastlane queue is full all the way to the entrance than it will take 45 minutes. As for getting fastlane, I doubt they'd give them a day early. I know fast passes are sold in a couple spots around the entrance by magnum but they aren't always open right at park opening
  8. Cedar Point always announces closings early so people can get last rides and all that. Wildcat wasn't, but they weren't planning on removing it. When it came time to have the ride re certified it didn't pass, they couldn't open it and they decided it would be better to scrap it then keep it.
  9. LC's was only running one side when I was there, not sure if that was a choice or it wasnt working. Skyhawk generally is pretty reliable on a daily basis, extended down time does definitly happen though.
  10. That doesn't really look twisty enough for a spinning coaster, maybe like a mine train kinda thing?
  11. You pick your speed? That seems kinda strange...
  12. The train is not traveling fast enough on the lift hill for nets to be necessary. The queue line doesn't actually go under the Immelman... so no nets needed there. Actually, the immelman does go over part of it. But anyway if something were to fall off it'd fly into the queue area. Also, it doesn't matter how fast the trains going, its 170 feet up its going to be going pretty fast by the time it hits the ground.
  13. Why would this need nets? Gatekeeper's entire queue is under the lift and immelman and not nets in sight.
  14. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog-article/online-fun/Valravn-Topping I'll just leave that here.
  15. 1) Maverick 2)Magnum(very close to #1) 3)Millie 4)Dragster 5)raptor 6) Gatekeeper 7)Rougie Rougie Rou 8)Twister 9)Gemini 10)Blue Streak 11)Mean Streak 12)Iron Dragon 13) Mine ride 14) Corkscrew 15)Woodstock 16) JR gemini
  16. Even if it was built off of blue prints, it's nl2. As someone who uses it frequently, the friction is absolutely shit. Nothing about that pov should be taken literally, other than the layout of course.
  17. This was fan made,(designed from the Aerial views I think)so this doesn't necessarily represent the final product.
  18. ...And its officially way out of the worth it price range. Hopefully this is just for halloweekends
  19. Ugh, I hate all these CP reliability arguments but, here's my input. First off, when I say a ride is down I mean its closed. Not necessarily a mechanical issue, but still an equally large problem when it comes to guest satisfaction. So, lets start of with the intamins. Wilderness run, always open. I mean, there's no reason it would close not even sure why I put that there. Wicked Twister: Pretty reliable, I've personally never seen it go down for mechanical reasons but even when it does its usually not a whole day thing. It handles weather pretty well, it's one of the few rides that can run in the rain and wind due to no threat of roll backs. Millenium: Honestly this is probably one of the most reliable rides in the park. Mechanically, it has very few issues and goes down very little. Again it handles weather decently, wind is obviously a problem for it at 300 feet, but it also runs in rain due to the mag brakes(only two train ops). Maverick: This has more mechanical issues than millie, but it isn't down much more than any other ride in my experience. Weather is iffy on this one, Wind isn't a major issue usually but whether it runs in rain or not is kinda 50/50. TTD, Its impossible to say that this ride is reliable, but it has been improving recently. Mechanical issues are generally fixed in an hour or two, but the slightest breeze or drizzle and it'll be down for the next half hour at least. Weather isn't intamins fault, any ride of that size will half to shutdown immediately. Major breakdowns do happen more on this ride than any other in the park. Alright, Now for the B&M's. Gatekeeper: This ride must be made of twigs or something. The ride goes down for 5-10 min. all the time, not sure what the problem is. Also the chain has snapped/broke/malfunctioned twice in its 3 year life. Weather wise, its the worst in the park. Wind and rain take this down faster than dragster does often. Raptor: Mechanical issue's aren't usually a big issue, but Its quite common to see it stuck on the lift for anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Weather wise its a little slower to close in wind and rain than gatekeeper but still one of the first in the park. ScoobyDoo: Goes down for floor related issues pretty often. Only about 15 minutes for the most part. I'm not sure about weather, I haven't noticed any real patterns. Valravn: Obviously this is just a prediction, but It'll probably be accurate. Goes down do to floor getting stuck often. Wind and rain shut it down immediately. Really, both them have a decent amount of downtime. It honestly depends on the day you go and whether you catch the park on a good day or not. If you really want to decide a definitive most reliable, its arrow. The five of them are open pretty much constantly, and at a higher capacity.
  20. Yep, he's the one who did those. They look really good IMO. Hopefully one's coming near me.
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