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  1. Cedar Point: 1) Mean Streak being thought of as a good idea 2) Mean streak being built 3) Mean Streak still open.
  2. I really hope they redo that entire area around it, it would make this year absolutely perfect. Just repaint raptor and add one of those sky rollers and that area will be one of the best in the park.
  3. I'm actually impressed with SF this year. It's nice that they're actually adding flats now. Does anyone know if the frisbee is from sfft?
  4. Going back to the arrow upstop pad discussion, I always assumed they were there to act as a kinda failsafe trim. During negative G's the pads would come in contact with the track slowing it down through friction. The higher the G's the higher the force applied. That way, if the G's were getting to high the train would be slowed down automatically. I could be wrong but I get the feeling that's why the second airtime hill was shaped so differently than the first. At opening, pre trim, that hills gave sustained negative g's, and would therefore slow the train down to a safe speed to travel through the pretzel. Then the next two would slow it down even further before the coat hanger hills start. After the upstop wheels were added the trim was needed to bring the train back down to that same speed. But it had to slow down more there because the next two hills would no longer slow it down either. Thus creating that over banking in the turnaround. I could be way off on all that but it makes sense to me.
  5. 1) Get a fucking pair of glasses. That is totally readable. 2) If your far enough away you can't read it, your to far to hop the fence... Great work their Sherlock.
  6. I wish people would realize that with the way CF is run no park is neglected. If Worlds of Fun doesn't make enough money for a coaster, they don't get a coaster. If Cedar Point doesn't make enough money for a coaster, they don't get a coaster either. The only difference between the two is that one park makes WAY more money than the other because it has slowly grown to that size overtime.
  7. Maybe it's getting a refurb? If it was getting a major change or being demolished they'd have last ride signs by now. I wouldn't be to worried about it closing
  8. Looks like there getting a triotech dark ride in that building. Hopefully it'll be better than the last two.
  9. Umm... Proof? That's just been an opinion based rumor so far, so I'll believe it when I see it.
  10. I'm not sure how effective a name change would be at this point. All the leaks have made it on to the news and into papers already. They can't really hide the fact that it existed anymore. If I had to guess I'd say they'll wait a week or two for all the coverage to die down then announce the ride.
  11. Well the web cams are back up... But pointing at Lake Erie and some flower beds. Also all mention of the announcement has been taken off the site. Looks like we'll be sitting here pretending to wonder for a little while longer.
  12. I agree with this completely and I'd love some insight as to why some Cedar Fair parks like Kings Dominion run everything in the rain while Cedar Point closes just about everything. The only coaster at Cedar Point that should close in the rain is Top Thrill Dragster because other parks in the chain run everything in the rain including Arrow rides (like Magnum)... Kings Dominion runs Anaconda with all trains in the rain, Vortex at KI runs all trains... why is it okay there? The rain policy at Cedar Point is so ridiculous that when we went in 2012 Snake River Falls closed in a slight drizzle, and because I couldn't help myself I asked if the ride was down because of the rain and the person at the front confirmed that it was. Snake River Falls... What makes the policy more confusing is that it's inconsistent. The only coaster that's consistently closed in the rain is Dragster, with the others they might as well flip a coin. I believe Wicked Twister is usually open (as it should be) and Raptor is usually closed but aside from that I see no consistency at all. As for wind, yeah that one's a little nuts too. Of course I get it on Sky Ride and Windseeker... I don't get it at all on Dragster. If it rolls back, just launch it again. Why shut it down at a certain wind speed? If you send a few trains and they all roll back it makes sense, but if they're all clearing and then the wind speed gets "too high" but trains are still clearing I don't get why they care when they used to run it in all kinds of wind. With the other coasters I wish they'd use their best judgement. If it's cold and windy early in the season then Millennium Force and Gatekeeper can really crawl over the high points but if it's 80 degrees in the summer and both coasters are hauling through the course I doubt a 5mph increase in wind speed when it's been windy all day and the coasters have been hauling is really going to make a difference. Raptor is a tough one as it really can crawl into the mid course. Again, I'm not an expert but these things make no sense when other parks in the same chain don't care. I don't expect every park to be Great Adventure where the wind policy is "Keep Dispatching until it Valleys", the rain policy is "Keep Dispatching until the riders drown" and after last year we now know that the sleet policy is "Tell the riders there's nothing they can do to stop the pain and if they want to ride anyway... lol dispatch" (though I love that policy). But a happy medium would be nice. I know some ride ops from Cedar Point are on here though, maybe they can offer some insight. Dragster has to reset for every launch - it takes time. Millennium Force is not the kind of ride you want valleying. It would help if Magnum had mag brakes, but it sounds like it uses traditional friction brakes. I'm pretty sure Kingda Ka doesn't fun in high winds and it's less prone to rollback (because high winds are not as common at SFGAd). So even the park who has to worry less about it closes their version, so I'd imagine CP has a very good reason to close Dragster since they'd dealt with high winds daily since 2003. The rain policy is a bit strange but in general they'll always keep millenium open, but they will take the third train off so they have an extra block in case it comes in with to much speed. Rougarou I'd assume is the same as Mantis was, and that always stayed open. Wicked Twister was usually open. Gatekeeper and Raptor never open in rain. TTD closes at anything so don't be surprised. Magnum is strange, sometimes it'll close while other times I've seen them run it with just 2 trains for rain. If you're really stuck, the scrambler is always the last ride to close
  13. I'm willing to bet Mean Streak is one of those ride improvements. It's now the worst ride in the park at least by enthusiast standards, and has less ridership than mantis had. With all the improvements the park has been doing that has to happen eventually.
  14. Personally it has to be Valravn because its the only major new ride I'm sure ill be able to ride. But for what I think is going to be the best ride overall it has to go to either Flying Aces or Taron.
  15. What??? I seriously in all my time spend at Cedar Point and working around coaster nerds don't think I've ever heard anyone say anything bad about Raptor! And the only things said bad about Maverick was resolved this year with the new restraints. I really don't think there is a 50/50 split of people loving/hating Maverick & Raptor. That data doesn't even seem close to be accurate. To add to this, the only people I've ever heard say anything *bad* about Maverick or Raptor are enthusiasts saying they're "poorly engineered pieces of crap." Maybe a very small percentage of the general public don't really appreciate them, but I've never heard someone at Cedar Point say they're bad rides. Most of the complaints aren't anything most of us would consider a problem but a significant amount of the GP think of those to rides as to intense and violent. I know a lot of people who refuse to ride them because they are "Rough and painful"
  16. They only seem to be making forceless designs for Cedar Point. Banshee and Fury 325, while not exactly on an Intamin level, are still pretty forceful. CP has enough extreme coasters, I actually like the change of pace with GateKeeper. If CP gets a large dive coaster from B&M, it will most certainly be enjoyable by everyone. I definitely have to agree with that. Rides like Maverick and Raptor are split pretty evenly with some people absolutely hating them while everyone else absolutely loves them. But less intense but still extremely fun rides like Millenium and Gatekeeper are almost unanimously enjoyed by everyone who rides them.
  17. Nope, they still very much dig into your shoulders. Honestly, that's my only problem with that entire ride. The old restraints on the other hand... No problems what so ever. I've never had any issue with head banging and with them being much roomier it gives you more room to float around and feel the forces better.
  18. Gatekeeper does form and arch. the half loop goes into the ground strait in front of lift, just like fury does. Visually it looks different but structurally they perform the same function.
  19. So I was thinking about this, and two things just seem a little strange to me. 1) I guess the original memo would have been misinformed then, given that it stated it would have a few elements that are missing here. Drop Into a tunnel-missing but could be possible given that there is no terrain shown so far Immelman(Inversion 1)- Present 270 degree roll(Inversion 2) - Missing. banked curve- Present. I assume this would refer to the curve up to the MCBR looping(inversion 3)- Missing. immelman with a half-roll exit(Inversion 4)- Present. Assuming this means that weird barrel roll helix manuever. second drop-Present camel back-Present spiral- Present. Assuming it refers to the helix before the camalback That leaves the dive loop thats in the animation. the 270 degree roll, or the "Looping" could be refering to this. Either way one of those two is still missing. 2) The lift track at the plant shows a box spine like gatekeepers. Unless this is a new design, it will have to form and arch and there for could not have a turn between the lift and the drop.
  20. This is faked, A: the park uses a different software for animations. B: the cedar point banners logo is not proof that this is real, it was used before this was released. C: this would be much shorter than it would most likely be D: this being true would make the original leak totally false. Everyone took that as fact before but this is even less credible.
  21. I'm almost more excited for them to improve infrastructure than add a coaster at this point. The food in the back of the park is still seriously lacking, macking those better would improve the park experience the most out of all the options followed by a mean streak redo. In my opinion they should improve what's their now before putting in more.
  22. In theory it could be premier designed, but that's definitely intamin track. Plus it has a lift hill and premier has never made a non luanched coaster.
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