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  1. Umm.... No actually. They specifically said they would run three trains with the fourth kept as a spare, in storage.
  2. There is really no chance of them relocating that. They'll probably just crap it given that they are trying to make Valleyfair better.
  3. I feel you're pain. I drive by Waldemeer all the time and still have never been able to stop.
  4. That ride just looks kinda pathetic to me. It comes to complete stops on the break runs, and those transitions are just pathetic. The themeimg isn't great either. Any news on battlestar?
  5. It's edible but the non-brand name foods, especially in the back of the park, are not very good. When ever I've gotten food from their it's always cold, and pretty flavorless. It just seems that they've been trying to improve everything else, so why not the food too.
  6. It's in no way a bad park right now but if they just finish fixing up the midways, adding shade, and redo their food it would be so much better.
  7. So, maybe in 2016 then? Wi-Fi, better food and all these redone path;s would really turn this park around.
  8. I'm guessing this happened right before the cycle started going at full speed, right? I guess it could have been much worse if it happened mid swing.
  9. Is it just me or is that runout on the green slide extremely short.
  10. No one says Cedar Fair won't put multiple large coasters in in the same year. They don't operate their parks as one group, they let each run them selves and make their own money. Most of their parks don't compete for the same market either so adding to Valley Fair, Cedar Point and Canada's Wonderland wouldn't effect each other.
  11. Cedar Point I feel like they're going to go big in the next few years until their 150th anniversary. Some of these probably have some reason they can't happen but I feel it could be Plausible. 2016: New Coaster is a definite at this point. I really don't believe the dive machine rumor so I think its an absolutely massive wooden coaster. I can't decide on who the best manufacturer would be, a Gravity Group would be amazing but probably wouldn't track very well in a few years of lake erie winters. A GCI might track a little better but it would be a little more family friendly. Right now I'm leaning towards an Intamin prefab in the hopes that it would last longer and fit the park better. The ride would be on a new midway connecting the dead end near blue streak to the stage near Iron Dragon. A flat ride or two may also come. Coasters start to get paint refresh 2017: Major new water park expansion to bring the place into the modern day. Two slide towers would come, the first would be 4 drop pod slides, 2 with aqua loops, and 2 with out, then two regular free fall slides higher up on the tower. The next would have a water coaster, Tornado and a combo bowl/zero-g wall slide. In the park their would be some more minor improvements and Mean Streak would close down. Paint refreshes continue and new kiddie coaster is added. 2018: RMC Mean Streak opens along with the whole are being refurbished. Complete overhaul of the food stands with some outside vendor coming in. One or two flatrides will come also. Once again, painting happens all over the park. 2019: Dark ride finally comes true and it's built in the back of the park near the new Evil Streak which was starting to fell like a stale feeling area. More minor refreshes all over the park like food and repaints. 2020:Major, Major year. By this point, all coasters and rides will have been repainted and the whole food department is overhauled. The whole park will have a new feel to it, no more black top and shade will be added to empty areas. New lighting packages on all the rides that need it. Two new coasters will come this year. The first will be near the front of the park, a Poler Coaster and the first to top 600 feet. It could be place by Raptor's lift hill or near windseeker. The second will be a more family friendly mack multi-launch coaster to replace the mine ride. Of course, the midways near these rides will be refreshed.
  12. You do realize you just said that the entrance was to convenient for you right. Would you rather wait in a long inefficient line? Just because there's no metal detectors it doesn't mean it's unsafe, Cedar Point gets a way with it fine so there's no danger either. And by the way, there are tons of good reviews.
  13. What do they mean by "Test Car". Hopefully it will run a lot faster later.
  14. It's probably less track then Fury's lift, I would call this just about average for construction time.
  15. Wow, looks a lot better than I thought it would. Hopefully the landscape will pull everything together. I'm not sure how big of a problem the capacity will be. How crowded does the park get anyway? CP is able to get away with Wicked Twister, so it seems like a less crowded park could get away with this.
  16. Can't wait to get back their! Did you get on Wicked Twister? It's definitely worth the ride.
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