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  1. The only thing I can see taking 2-3 years would be a poler coaster. But, I doubt that they're building that.
  2. I guess I could see no new from the ground up rides in between 2016-2020. But I really feel like Mean Streak would get RMC'd maybe in 2017/2018. They know it is now the worst coaster in the park. Even if it does get a decent line, it's only because of how good in looks and there is almost no reriders. It's days are definitely numbered, especially with them showing that they want to improve deteriorating rides instead of removing them.
  3. Tearing Mean Streak completely down would take much longer and cost more than Iron Horsing it. It's not like taking the ride down is free, it can be pretty expensive for a ride as large as Mean Streak. Texas Giant had nearly an Identical layout to Mean streak just slightly shorter length and height wise. If RMC can turn that into this rcdb.com/11662.htm, than they'll be able to make just as good or better of a ride out of Mean Streak.
  4. Ya because a totally marketable, cheap, and world class coaster that will make everyone happy is definitely a bad Idea! Why not just waste money to tear down the crappy ride and then buy all new identical wood to build a not as good coaster! Wahoo! I really hope you where joking there. I just don't really. If the leaked plans where right(Highly, Highly doubt there was any truth to them though), it would be the tallest and longest dive coaster. That would bump up the cost a ton, and since it has a barrel roll it would need the new wider restraints. Since it's at Cedar Point they'd want to keep the capacity up and would have the same size trains as the ten across making the wider track necessary.
  5. The Leaked cost is totally wrong. Griffon cost more than 15 mil back in 2007, and Baron will cost 20 Mil. There is now way a CP Dive coaster would cost that little.
  6. Even if it does cost 25 million that really isn't out of CP's price range. A CP sized dive machine would probably cost that much anyway.
  7. That does make a lot more since then my Idea. But, if it is a Dive Machine coming in 2016, that'll probably be the last new B&M for a while. The only other rides they don't have from them are a normal sitdown, which I don't feel would fit with the park, and a Flyer, which CF has already said they don't like. They'll have to start buying rides from other companies soon, so I'm just hoping that's Intamin again.
  8. What I meant by random was just, Why now? The complaints aren't a new thing, they've been around pretty much since the ride opened. It's a cheap enough addition that they could have done it easily any year before know. To me it seems like they where in negotiations for another project, possibly a woodie, and intamin brought up Maverick's restraints. The park may have decided to replace those along with a new coaster. As for size, I think it could fit if they kept it compact. Especially if they tore down the employee housing.
  9. I'm probably way off here, but I think it's gonna be an Intamin. They have obviously been in contact with them due to the restraints, which is kind-of random. A 200 ft Intamin woodie would be in Cedar Point style and might warrant construction starting this early. Again, probably way off though.
  10. I definitely agree with that. I've only ever grayed out when I've been a little dehydrated and it really helps with nauseousness too.
  11. Blue Streak's airtime is really fun, I just wish they would replace those trains too!
  12. This is the best I can do with a crappy coaster count. A-Avalanche Run (technically only rode it as Disaster Transport, but ya know. Close enough) B- Boulder Dash C- Comet (HP) D- Dare Devil Dive E- El Toro F- N/A G- Goliath (SFOG) H- N/A I- Iron Dragon J- Jack Rabbit (KW) K- N/A L- Lil' Phantom (Don't laugh ) M- Maverick N- Nitro O- N/A P- Primeval Whirl (*Sigh*) Q- N/A R- Raptor S- Storm Runner T- Thunderbolt (KW) U- N/A V- N/A W- Wicked Twister X- N/A Y-N/A z- Zoomerang (LC)*Sigh*)
  13. Are they gonna dig out the bottom any more? It seems like clearance may be little close to the ground there.
  14. Any pictures of work on Rougarou or any possible paint jobs being refreshed would be nice.
  15. They actually can't raise the height anymore. There's a height limit on that side of the park that is already being broken by twisted twins.
  16. With the wood coasters they have to add steel connectors to the top of structure anyway, so it shouldn't be any harder
  17. Well, at least the corkscrew wasn't designed by a monkey this time.
  18. Am I the only one who thinks that would be one of the best six flags parks.
  19. -Relocated from Knott's -First modern Roller coaster to feature inversions -First Corkscrew ever on a roller coaster. Next Coaster- Wild Thing- Valley Fair
  20. I don't mean to burst your bubble or anything, but, aren't most water water slides like that? Yes, yes they are.
  21. Wing riders trains are pretty heavy so that makes sense. I don't know what the point of having them on the lift is though.
  22. I must of been there before they closed it down, it was definitely public when I was there. Last time I was there I got a cheesesteak and I've had some pizza there before. I actually liked them both, maybe I just went on a good day or something.
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