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  1. That's only one leaked ride, They haven't leaked anything the past 2 years (except thing on purpose) and I can' think of anything before that. I kindof agree that the leaked memo was fake. There's just to many questions unanswered. How did they even get it? Why was there a memo with only stats about the ride? It's not like B&M was planning on leaving CP in the dark.
  2. This thing is going to be massive no matter what it is. If it's a dive machine I would be so excited to see a new forceful version but in full scale.
  3. Six Flags tried adding new rides all the time and how did that turn out? Horrible. In what world would it be logical to continue a strategy that already failed? Maybe they could have kept the park going a little longer but there really wasn't much they could do.
  4. The park was to big for it's own good, at it's largest size it was loosing money. The only way to bring the park back to success was to shrink it's size to pre-six flags era. It was just to far gone to save.
  5. Because six flags totally would of sold it off it was as successful as you say.
  6. The log flume made a comeback last year but I didn't see the Wild mouse. They do have a weird winged shuttle coaster though.
  7. It's generally a pretty fun carnival, definitely a good things during the six month off seasion
  8. A zacspin would probably be the better ride and fit easier but the roof would need to be taller. So that's probably out. A flyer would be really cool though, especially if they could attach all the supports to the ceiling.
  9. Nothing can really fit in shockwaves foot print, so there's no reason to take it out when theres no replacement
  10. Cyclone's going to be such an amazing ride. I really hope I can make a trip down there. Absolutely! I mean... an impulse coaster right on the beach with not one but (wait for it) (wait for it)... TWO twists! Now that's creativity That back spike is really awesome though....
  11. There's no proof anywhere that modification's like Intimidator's turn or Maverick's barrel roll are paid for by the parks themselves. My guess is that Intamin pays for those kinda problems. As for Gatekeeper, they didn't have to replace track but it was down for at least a week and a half, a crane had to be brought in and the lift motor may have had to been replaced. Keep in mind that B&M couldn't keep technology from the 1800's running while intamin manages decent reliability from technology that no one's ever tried before.
  12. Few things wrong with you're logic there. 1) Intamin is cheaper than B&M, if they can afford a small B&M, they can afford a larger Intamin. 2)Cedar Fair has not dropped Intamin, they just haven't put in one. These day's intamin really only builds launch coasters, family coasters and super intense hyper coaster's are smaller things. B&M has been providing rides that fit the parks better, it's not like they straight up refuse to do anything with intamin. 3) Yes Intamidator's lift broke for a while, but guess what? So did Gatekeepers! I'm not gonna say an Intamin coaster is coming, but it really isn't any less likely than a B&M at this point. All there is is rumors at this point.
  13. They didn't over here. Everyone who saw that was like, "wait isn't that just one of those fireball things at carnivals?"
  14. I think they took out "The Accident" car when they needed to use it again, and took it out of the other train to even it out.
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