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  1. I'd be great if they added another coaster, even another parks used coaster. But for 2020, they spent $100,000 on a "Drone Light Show." *yawn* I live down the road from the park, so reading this trip report was a lot of fun to see what someone visiting. Thank you for the post.
  2. My current favorites (subject to change) are: Banshee (KI) Afterburn (Carowinds) Silver Bullet (KBF) Raptor (CP) Nemesis (Thorpe)
  3. They spent $100,000 on a "Drone light show." Just not that exciting to me personally, and just another season I won't be renewing my pass. I'll just keep supporting, visiting, and exploring new parks as I get time off. Perhaps someday Silverwood will put another coaster in.
  4. Been wondering this myself. It's like they've totally forgotten. In some classic Six Flags Magic Mountain irony, the project is supposedly being held up by permitting issues. I don't know why the park can't seem to figure out permits, but Justice League, Crazanity, and WCR (the station) have all been held up by permitting issues. Even the Aftermath 2 maze in the back of the park was held up for the same reason and was never actually seen to completion. I don't think it is so much the park as it is the bureaucratic nightmare building anything in CA is. Does any of the bureaucratic nightmare of building in California have to do with earthquake standards, or completely unrelated? Somehow, construction across CA and in theme parks is still booming. If it's permitting, I suspect it is 100% a money thing---not hiring competent people to get the job done going with the lowest bidders.
  5. Cedar Point is a "must" for me (it's my version of paradise). SFMM is also likely to happen. Tentative trips would be Dollywood, Hersheypark, SFGA, Carowinds, and/or if there are any trips with an enthusiast group, I'd certainly consider that as an option. (The usual considerations are time off work and budget)
  6. Aftershock at my little local park, Silverwood. The time before that, Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point (I can't get enough of that ride)
  7. Congrats! Even better is the fact TPR is a QUALITY channel that got a gold play button is even better!! Now to go for Platinum!
  8. TTD is an awesome ride, but I've never had a coaster spite me more than that one! From my perspective, it seems to have quite a bit of down time (compared to the other coasters). Perhaps TTD's downtime seemingly more than most is the reason it doesn't rank in the top 5?
  9. I just found this one of Mean Streak that I took 3 years ago.
  10. 2017 was a spectacular summer, riding favorites and going to other parks for my first time. I even got several rides in on Fury325 and I305, and though I rank them in my top 5 list, Millennium Force is still my all time favorite. I'd post pictures, but there are already plenty throughout the forums and internet of these popular rides. (Maverik and Tatsu are also in my top 5).
  11. Carowinds/Scarowinds event for the first time in 16 days!
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