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  1. I'd be great if they added another coaster, even another parks used coaster. But for 2020, they spent $100,000 on a "Drone Light Show." *yawn* I live down the road from the park, so reading this trip report was a lot of fun to see what someone visiting. Thank you for the post.
  2. My current favorites (subject to change) are: Banshee (KI) Afterburn (Carowinds) Silver Bullet (KBF) Raptor (CP) Nemesis (Thorpe)
  3. They spent $100,000 on a "Drone light show." Just not that exciting to me personally, and just another season I won't be renewing my pass. I'll just keep supporting, visiting, and exploring new parks as I get time off. Perhaps someday Silverwood will put another coaster in.
  4. Been wondering this myself. It's like they've totally forgotten. In some classic Six Flags Magic Mountain irony, the project is supposedly being held up by permitting issues. I don't know why the park can't seem to figure out permits, but Justice League, Crazanity, and WCR (the station) have all been held up by permitting issues. Even the Aftermath 2 maze in the back of the park was held up for the same reason and was never actually seen to completion. I don't think it is so much the park as it is the bureaucratic nightmare building anything in CA is. Does any of the bureaucratic nightmare of building in California have to do with earthquake standards, or completely unrelated? Somehow, construction across CA and in theme parks is still booming. If it's permitting, I suspect it is 100% a money thing---not hiring competent people to get the job done going with the lowest bidders.
  5. Cedar Point is a "must" for me (it's my version of paradise). SFMM is also likely to happen. Tentative trips would be Dollywood, Hersheypark, SFGA, Carowinds, and/or if there are any trips with an enthusiast group, I'd certainly consider that as an option. (The usual considerations are time off work and budget)
  6. Aftershock at my little local park, Silverwood. The time before that, Steel Vengeance at Cedar Point (I can't get enough of that ride)
  7. Congrats! Even better is the fact TPR is a QUALITY channel that got a gold play button is even better!! Now to go for Platinum!
  8. TTD is an awesome ride, but I've never had a coaster spite me more than that one! From my perspective, it seems to have quite a bit of down time (compared to the other coasters). Perhaps TTD's downtime seemingly more than most is the reason it doesn't rank in the top 5?
  9. I just found this one of Mean Streak that I took 3 years ago.
  10. 2017 was a spectacular summer, riding favorites and going to other parks for my first time. I even got several rides in on Fury325 and I305, and though I rank them in my top 5 list, Millennium Force is still my all time favorite. I'd post pictures, but there are already plenty throughout the forums and internet of these popular rides. (Maverik and Tatsu are also in my top 5).
  11. Carowinds/Scarowinds event for the first time in 16 days!
  12. I was only able to vote for one - Facebook. (Sorry I just don't have a second one) I mainly only use Instagram for my own little personal collection of photos with other people. Snapchat is one I use with a disabled kid I take care of (he uses it, and is the only reason I keep the app to reciprocate hello videos to each, etc). I don't use Twitter at all.
  13. OMG EEWWWWW! What part of the rail in line (near station, the queue further back, etc?) Hopefully it doesn't compare to the gum wall in Seattle.
  14. Collosus (SFMM) Flashback (SFMM) Freefall (SFMM) Psyclone (SFMM) Wacky Soap Box Racers (KBF) Boomerang (KBF) Mean Streak (CP)
  15. Next park is my local one, Silverwood (I go 1-3 times per week, often after work since it's just down the road). Next non-local park - I will be making my first ever trips to Kings Island in July, then Kings Dominion in August (and possibly Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, but it will depend on a few other factors before I know for sure).
  16. My virgin voyage on ALL the rides at Kings Island takes place in one month! I'm excited!
  17. Are there still discounts for platinum passholders to Hotel Breakers? Never stayed there yet, but contemplating it for this year's end-of-summer road trip. Yes - discount is still available. HB is one of the places I usually stay while in the Sandusky area. Reservation confirmation states "Season Pass Holder Rate - Rate valid with 2017 Cedar Point Season Pass or Cedar Fair Platinum Pass. - Pass must be presented at time of check-in or reservation subject to standard rate" The rooms there are comfortable, and the location is great!
  18. "Naughty" kids castle? Seems like a bit of a strange cross demographic to reach! (I had clicked link in this thread out of total curiousity to see what strange stuff they make)
  19. I just saw this video today on the park [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] (mods, please delete if this reply is not allowed)
  20. 1. What is the farthest distance you've traveled to specifically visit a theme park? >2000 miles (Cedar Point). I've been as far as 4,644 mi to go to Thorpe Park, but that trip was not specifically to visit the park, only an awesome end to a trip. 2. Your favorite coaster in the state you live in? In the state of Idaho, we don't have much for coasters. Silverwood Theme Park has Aftershock (Vekoma from SF). 3. Would you rather wait in line for a boomerang (at any park) or a VR coaster @ a Six Flags? VR coaster! 4. Have u ever been the only person in a train during a coaster ride? Many times 5. What is your favorite thing to do at your home park that does not involve riding something? Halloween mazes 6. Better time for ERT: Early morning or late night? I'm not a morning person, so would choose late night. 7. Name some theme park food that *sounds* gross, yet is oh-so-delicious? (no answer) - I don't think I have ever bought anything that sounded gross and ate it. 8. Name your top three "bucketlist" coasters you have yet to ride. I305, Smiler, Fury 360. By this list, it must be obvious I loved the thrill rides. An honorable mention/4th place on this list would be Space Mountain at WDW. 9. Have you ever been E-Vac'd? Did you receive anything if you did? Yeah! Indiana Jones ride at DL! Being unable to walk and we were carried out by the DL Fire Dept. It's actually a pretty fun memory, and probably one I'll make a video out of on my youtube channel one of these days. 10. What is the longest length of time you've waited for a coaster? HOURS. I think I've blocked the specific times out of memory. 11. Worst flat ride ever. Name it. That's probably about nearly any kiddie ride? 12. Your favorite SWEET treat at a park that is NOT your home park. I don't think there are any since funnel cakes, churros, and chocolate covered bananas are pretty much everywhere 13. Congratulations! After aggressively gambling on the Plinko game you finally won a front of the line pass. Which ride do you use it on? Millennium Force 14. If you could have a lifetime fast pass to ONE attraction what would it be? Millennium Force 15. Have you ever been next to someone that puked on a coaster? Thankfully no 16. Your home park is getting a new B&M and YOU get to pick what type. Do you want an invert/hyper/dive/floorless/flyer/wing/standup? All of the above is not an option. Flyer! 17. Name your favorite Vekoma. No real favorite, but I remember liking Kong at SFDK 18. What water ride delivers the most unacceptable amount of wetness? If I'm hot, there's not too much wetness. I simply put things in a locker full of bunny medicine and goo or however that goes 19. If you were able to help design a coaster would you want it to focus on airtime or inversions/positive G's? Airtime! I still love inversions, but more and more, I really enjoy airtime. 20. Most comfortable trains/seats for a coaster are... Gatekeeper comes to mind IF I'm not stapled in. If I'm tired from walking around all day, most seats can have a level of comfort. 21. Choose one: Unlimited front-of-the-line access to your favorite coaster at your home park for one season OR $1,000 cash? Unlimited on Millennium Force 22. You just got drowned by a flume/rapids/chute-the-chutes. Do you pay the $$ for the dryer machine or do you continue on with your day trudging around like soggy dog? Hasn't happened since I tend to wear the quick dry cargo shorts and it's hot out if I go on a wet ride. At that point, I trudge all soggy for about 10 minutes before I'm dry (or sweaty and can no longer tell the difference). 23. What is the worst food you've had at your home park? I was at a park with a friend who ordered fried pickles. I tried one and spit it out - YUCK (I hate pickles, and even fried didn't help with that) 24. You're at Cedar Point. You have a one hour ERT session on ONE coaster of your choice. You choose... TTD 25. Favorite (non-clone) dark ride? Voyage to the Iron Reef at KBF 26. What was your favorite park you visited in 2016? Cedar Point 27. What's your current credit count? Don't be shy. 89 28. Winner winner chicken dinner! You just won a trip with hotel and airfare included. The catch is its only good for Six Flags America or Mt Olympus. Which do you choose? Mt Olympus! I could use my SF pass and go to SFA (maybe I'll do that). 29. What is the best Intamin coaster you have ridden? MF(CP), Maverick(CP), Collosus(TP) 30. Your home park has to remove one coaster and one flat for an expansion. Which two rides would you be OK with losing? Surely kiddie rides in the flats 31. Song/music you've heard playing at a park that absolutely has not business being played in a theme park? I haven't really noticed any 32. There's 5 minutes before the park closes. You choose to: Reride your favorite coaster in the park, OR get the new kiddie/junior coaster credit? Favorite coaster. Heck with kiddie coaster credits - I only get those if I'm accompanying my nephews who are too afraid to go on something bigger. I've skipped plenty of kiddie coasters... credits are a fun little collection, but not my reason to enjoy a theme park 33. Do you visit the waterpark if it's connected to the amusement park? YES! I enjoy waterparks 34. What 2017 addition are you most looking forward to? The drop slides in Cedar Shores waterpark redo. 35. What was the most disappointing addition to your home park in the past 10 years? Silverwood is closest park to me.. and the addition of a second wave pool was a bit of a 'bleh, whatever' thing to me. 36. The most overrated coaster ever is... None that I can think of. I'm answering these before I read other responses in this thread (so all my answers here are from me, and not influenced by others). 37. What ride makes you wanna vomit? Has never happened. I can eat a full a meal and ride anything and still never get sick. 38. What is the best consolation prize you've won at a games booth? Small stuffed animal I guess. If I win little things like that, I find a kid or family and give it to them. 39. And the worst? Nothing except for a few dollars less 40. End this questionnaire by posting a picture of your favorite light package (coaster/flat).
  21. I don't have an "barely" received coaster credits. The only thing I can think of that I rode that will no longer be around is Shoot the Rapids at CP.
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