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  1. I'm new to this forum, but I'm basically in the same boat... I don't smoke, rarely drink, don't buy DVD's, and if I can't afford the car, I don't buy it. Basically the way I have been able to afford my travels, although limited number of parks in comparison to Mr. & Mrs. Alvey, but all these years later, it is good advice on how one can afford the theme parks!
  2. I'm not riding on a ride here, but this is my most recent pic I took of myself about two weeks ago. I teach skiing and snowboarding during the wintertime
  3. Obviously I'm here because I'm a theme park enthusiast. I've been to several parks throughout my life, many multiple times, as I never get tired of rides. Santas Village (CA - I was only a little one, but that probably gives you an idea of my age since that park is way old and gone for ages) Disneyland (California) Knott's Berry Farm (California) Universal Studios (CA) Silverwood (Idaho) Six Flags Magic Mountain (CA) Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (CA) Six Flags over Texas (TX of course) Six Flags New England (MA) Worlds of Fun (MO) Circus Circus (Las Vegas, NV - small but I think it counts as a theme park?) I feel like I'm missing parks. On my to do/must visit places include the theme parks in Florida, and top of my list is Cedar Point. I've always wanted to go, so perhaps this year Thorpe Park(England)
  4. Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, Idaho is the closest "home park" to me (personally I enjoyed Thorpe Park and Six Flags Magic Mountain better). Anyways, for the tiny park nearby, it's "Aftershock"
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