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  1. SFMM in ~3 weeks. It has been a few years since I was there, so I'm looking forward to it.
  2. This week I found that spiders come out at night. I looked above my head while waiting for MF (my favorite ride with Maverick as my second favorite). I noticed the spiders are some healthy beefy creatures. None of the rides are scary... what's in the web above - that's downright terrifying!
  3. These, and Joyland, KS would be on my list. Another would be Camelot Park in the UK.
  4. In the 1991 I was at SFMM with a youth group and in line for Viper. One of the girls there said something along the lines of "This coaster is so heavy that it is sinking 1 foot each year. In 20 years that (she points to a lower section of track) part will be on the ground!" 20 years later, and I'm pretty sure she is 100% wrong
  5. I love airtime, be it on a drop tower or roller coaster. None of it scares me.
  6. Back in the late 80's/early 90's I was at SFMM on Goldrusher. There was a guy near the front of the train, me near the back. To this day, I still remember seeing and hearing one of his hands SLAP onto the metal support above. His hand was quite a bit swollen when getting back into the station. That's about all I remember of it before off to the next ride, but this could be the subconscious thinking that made me think twice of ever reaching too high (and at a mere 5'0" not like it's as big of a risk as someone taller with longer arms). On Gatekeeper (CP) I swear my hands are going to smack the keyholes. Does anyone have any actual specs.. like how many inches or feet actual distance from the train and what not? Some of the turns on Millenium XL also seem very close and make me almost certain I might smack my hands. Mean Streak, and nearly any woodie, the hands just stay down... not holding on, but not extended up high since I like my fingers working properly.
  7. First ever = Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland Later when I was actually tall enough, Corkscrew at KBF (now at Silverwood) Most recently, Magnum-XL and Corkscrew at CP.
  8. * Gum! Anywhere someone has left gum, from the rides to the ground, to just about anywhere. * People past diaper age who have forgotten the ettiquette of using a toilet. I get it, girl, we hover to avoid getting the bubonic ars plague. This isn't only theme parks, but any public place. If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe that seaty. No one else wants to sit in your pee. Those toilet seat protectors don't absorb up enough of the urine. * Spitters (on or off a ride). It's just gross. So far it seems my list of annoyances is based on peoples bad habits. * People who I don't know getting closer to me than I am comfortable with. I like a little space. * Smoking. It's gross. I wish nicotine would be outlawed. Speaking of bad habits... Reading this thread, there is something I've read, that to be honest with you all, I have done without thinking, but now, will make an effort to never do it again - stepping on a seat when getting in or out of a car. I feel like a jerk having thoughtlessly done so, but now that it's brought to my attention, I will no more. Sorry * Overpriced food. I've taken to eating a huge protein based breakfast since my appetite frequently fails when I see the food prices. Yes, souveniers and other goodies are costly too, but those keepsakes are forever. The food lasts a few hours, then the body gets rid of it. * Paying to park. Bleh!! Exactly, $10+ for a teenager to sit in a booth while the car does nothing all day. * Rides that only offer pay lockers for loose items. When I was at Thorpe Park a couple of years ago, I was very impressed with their system. At the end of the queue before loading, there was a locker type area. You could hand your bag or loose stuff over, and they'd give you a card for whatever cubby they put your stuff in. After the ride, you'd give them the card, they'd retrieve your items. It was efficient. * Non-people items that annoy me - mayflies. The mayflies were so bad at Cedar Point last month that I was actually making sure I did NOT ride in the front car, else be covered in the icky things! Seagulls are another thing I don't like. They defecate on everything and in general are just nasty birds.
  9. Didn't know CP relocated Ninja from SFMM. Awesome! LOL. SFMM didn't move Ninja. The ride you're thinking of is Iron Dragon (and compared to Ninja, I find to be very boring)
  10. Here are a few of mine 1. My first couple rides on Millenium Force (CP). I nearly greyed out after the first drop - that has never happened. I did find being better hydrated eliminated that completely on subsequent rides. 2. Maverik (CP). I went on it a first time, thinking it was going to be some silly lame ride... boy was I wrong!!! That was fun!! 3. Top Thrill Dragster(CP) - the sensation from launch to coming back down are great. 4. Tatsu (SFMM) - so far the only flying coaster I have been on, but I love it. 5. Silver Bullet (KBF) - one of the first coasters to ever make me a tad dizzy the first couple of rides (didn't happen so much after anticipating it. First rides with those unexpected moments always make for an intense fun memory). 6. The Saw (Thorpe Park) - that dip then down, that's just fun and then some.
  11. Got some new ones to add 2015 2015 2015 2015 2015
  12. I still have plans to go to Alton Towers. If the Smiler ride is still there (instead of scrapped), yes, I'd ride it, especially since this was a freak accident, not the norm. I figure that if they ever reopened the ride, it'll be so thoroughly checked over that it would seem unlikely it would happen again.
  13. Here's the latest video edit I made of me flowboarding [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  14. How terrible! Looks as if it might be similar to a ride we have at my local park (Spin Cycle at Silverwood). Fortunately the standards here in the US are better than what it sounds like the ones in China are. Does anyone know if this happened at one of the large parks in China, or one of the smaller ones?
  15. I'm in the same boat. I've ridden Goliath a couple of times, and although there is plenty of hype, I overall was not that impressed. Then again, I am more of a thrill seeker. Tatsu, that's my favorite coaster. Goliath seemed like just "another coaster" and nothing over special to me
  16. Colossus at Thorpe Park was way awesome (is one in my profile pic)
  17. I'm one of those people where if I didn't have a job, etc., I could gladly ride on a steel coaster for over a month straight in one of those wacky radio station promotions, and it's unlikely I'd ever get tired of riding.
  18. Silverwood Theme Park/Boulder Beach Waterpark needs a flowrider that does it's part in being an awesome addition to the park because it is sooooo much fun!!! If you google or search youtube for flowrider / flowboarding etc. you'll see it's a surf machine. Any waterpark would benefit from having one!
  19. My understanding was that it was the levees broke/were inadequate, and that was what caused the 9th ward and SFNO to go underwater? Had it just been for the hurricane, I think the park would have been fine and able to open a week or so later. The levees failing is what did that part of the Louisiana in.
  20. Does anyone plan to go to SFMM in May (or June) this year? I'll be flying to California for my grandpa's 90th birthday, but then also looking to hit one of my favorite parks up, yes, SFMM, so it'll be like a trip and vacation all in one for me. It'd be great to spend a day or two with other ride enthusiasts, and a bonus if anyone was able to provide me with any rides in exchange for me to provide gas money, buy ya lunch, etc., (otherwise I'll be looking at the LA bus system to get me around). The Twisted Collosus has me excited to ride!
  21. If I fly in to Cleveland for Coasterfest this year, this may be a fun stop staying a first night at nearby hotel. Big or small, I enjoy thrills.
  22. In looking at different youtube vids, I came across a video for a new indoor amusement theme park that opened in March 2014. Video I found: It basically looks like an indoor building full of popular fun carnival rides, but where this park is in Ohio, seems like it'd be a fun place to go during the winter time when the outdoor parks are closed for thrills. Has anyone else here heard of/been to this one? MODERATOR EDIT: Please note that only site moderators can start "discussion threads." I've edited your thread title accordingly. Carry on.
  23. This isn't all of them, but while going through my closet today, here are a few of mine: From SFDK My favorite prized tshirt, and favorite ride.
  24. There's a little podunk carnival that comes to the area in my home city each year, and everything about is terrible. Ten years ago, the wristbands were $25, and there were only 4 rides working, none that looked terribly exciting, not even a Gravitron or Round up style ride. One scrambler type, one plain ol ferris wheel, a sketchy funhouse, and the staff were the usual unbathed toothless rednecks. I might ride my bicycle down to the park they have it at every few years and walk through for the heck of it, but it's definitely the worst. While looking to find names of the rides the one company had, I came across this link: http://amusementsafety.org/carnival_operator.asp I will never understand the hate for SFMM. That is one of my all time favorite parks. I'm one who loves inversions, speed, and feeling of gravity. Landscaping is a low priority for me. The thrills are the top of my list. That said, I've been to Disneyland, and that's my go to place if I want theming. I choose the thrill rides over themed ones.
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