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  1. Hearing kids at school attempt to describe roller coaster is cringe-inducing. So a kid rode GateKeeper, and he goes something like I don't even know where to begin with him.
  2. I was reading reviews for Six Flags New England and I came across this: This person wanted to put a scooter on a roller coaster.
  3. Please, don't attempt to bring smaller children on rides they don't want to go on, it really ruins the experience of a coaster when there is a 5 year old screaming at the top of his lungs on the lift hill, and then crying in your ear for the whole ride.
  4. Omg yes! I rode it a few years ago and it left BRUISES on my legs! I mean, the first part is okay... but the airtime hills in the tunnels MURDERED my femur area! They really need to get new lapbars!
  5. I think the park should really get either a large coaster or thrill ride, like a drop tower or Screaming Swing!
  6. How pretty! Do you think you can post POV's of the rides? I understand if you can't, this park must have a lot of lag!
  7. Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland this past Friday! It's an instant classic, no matter when you go!
  8. Atari, you've kept us waiting for almost 10 years for a new version, you make a complete cash in app and call it "the new game in the series", and when it's released you don't even have the decency to test play it to fix bugs?! God, I hope the PC version is something else.
  9. This thread is dedicated to expressing your hatred for the worst park or carnival you've ever been to! It could be bad due the rides, the staff, or even thee food! Just state what you're least favorite park is and why you hated it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A carnival in Michigan, it was strange, unsafe, and I felt terrified
  10. Hurler at King's Dominion is very rough on the turn, mainly due to the fact the train throws you around too much. It can definitely use a re-tracking on that part, and some new trains wouldn't hurt it either! That's what I've heard
  11. I might get some hate for this but I think Boulder Dash needs some re-tracking work, I get it goes through a beautiful terrain and everything, but the ride itself is very bumpy, it shakes you around too much, and the restraints really bruise my shins!
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