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  1. A Stroll Through the Park - 1982 With the movement of Troika, there is now this neat little overlook into Kiddieland which I happen to really love. Families have started to reappear at the park, with the Kiddieland seeming to fill a niche demographic for what is largely a shrinking family population as well as a shrinking Pittsburgh population. The region as a whole has been on a downward trend which is only stabilized by a local population which returns to the park year after year. The park has done well to stay relevant by following suit of Kennywood and g
  2. 1982 - Welcome Back! Pt. II A look at the ice cream stand. It's had a lot of success especially being adacent to the kiddieland. Kids always love their ice cream. The success of Pirat in the last few years has convinced the park to add more flat rides. They added an Enterprise this year which you will see a little later. Last year, the park added back in Hornet across the lagoon. This hasn't brought attendance back up tremendously, though it has kept people already here in the park longer with more stuff to do. The park opted to keep the same name and color
  3. 1982 - Welcome Back! Hello again! The park has went through some big changes in my year off. I apologize for not getting you any updates last year but I was not in town for the summer. So we now fast forward a year to 1982... Cyclone hasn't changed much, though the paint is fading. I got to the park early today. Many rides were still going through their testing cycles before opening to the public. The first big change is over in the old pool area. It's been largely overhauled yet again. This time with a de-emphasis on rides. A games building has been add
  4. Wow, that ticket booth is so detailed! One of the neatest little details on the whole model. It's things like that which are really setting this model apart. The whole station is coming together really nicely.
  5. East Side Lagoon - Closing Time Pt. II Many newcomers to the park think the windmill is an old relic from the 20's but it's only about 5 years old. Crowds do not come over here and the area feels unfinished. Long term plans indicate that more food areas and rides will come byt eh end of the decade though the size and scope is not yet fully known. Kiddieland has cleared out for the night and rides are finally beginning to shut down. Plans to expand the area indicate major change up into the 90's. Again, details aren't known but the park seems to be pushing for gift sh
  6. East Side Lagoon - Closing Time Pt. I So with the late curfew I've taken it upon myself to document as much of the nighttime as I can. With that comes a lot of pictures.. Scorpion is still thrilling guests 5 years later and an exciting nighttime ride is a perfect end to any night. I prefer my final ride on Cyclone, its brilliant white structure lights up the sky. Of course there's others in the camp that the Carousel is the ride to end the day with.. And some who just wanna relax and soak in the experience for a few minutes with an ice cream cone before
  7. 1980 - End of the Year Well.. with the 80's came loads of insurance changes.. and that means lots of light! A lot of the dimly lit charm of the old park has been washed out in bright lights to keep out fears of nighttime crime in the park. This has meant that the park can stay open a bit later though. The previous closing time of 9:00 PM has been extended to 10:00 PM meaning that you can enjoy the pretty lights for an extra hour. The park is peaceful back here. Drowned in light! Attendance is always slow towards the end of the season anyway
  8. I read every update! Been following this thread since day one. I think many have interest though don't comment. I feel the same way on my park sometimes, it's easy to get discouraged though the final product is always worth it! You should try crowdfunding, I'm sure tons of people who don't get to see this thread would have tons of interest.
  9. Yeah, that's a great way to put it. It wasn't a giant coaster but a necessary one. With Scorpion now at the park, it's not as crucial of an attraction. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1980 - Yikes! So the last 5 years or so have looked good on the surface, but beneath that lie some dark secrets that the park has done well to hide. The park discovered something very important in the 60's. Infrastructure is crucial. Every dollar you spend fixing a broken bulb or board pays back double in the long run.
  10. 1980 - New Kiddieland! The Scooters fly right out over the paths providing great path interaction. The eatery here has a nice patio balcony that runs up next to this approach ramp. The old site was not as level as you would think and lots of issues and concerns came up about how steep a path kids would want to walk up to get to a Kiddieland. We'll see in the coming year how things work out with that. The rockets love their comfy new home and get plenty of riders, something they weren't quite getting in their old spot adjacent much more thrilling rides. I'm t
  11. 1980 - New Kiddieland! So as you all likely know, the park has torn out its longtime favorite steel coaster Hornet, which now sits stowed away in a storage shed somewhere, awaiting its unknown fate. It has been replaced with a 'new' kiddieland. This new land consists of mostly old attractions that were moved from other areas of the park as well as a few new rides. The entrance! The first new attraction is a kiddie sized ferris wheel which sits at the centerpiece of the land. It is actually brand new and wasn't bought used from anyone which was a rarity through the 70's and will
  12. I will be soon hopefully! I am dealing with some file instability at the moment so once I can get that sorted out I should have some new progress. Also, thanks a bunch for reading through! It's been years of work and it's appreciated when people take real interest.
  13. That is a Reverchon Quasar ride! CFH Rides has created it along with most of the other flats. A quick Google search would show you his massive catalog of CFR's! Ah, true! The Racer has been removed for exactly such a reason. All signs have indicated that doing so balanced the budget for the 70's. The 70's were not great for parks and a lot of great rides were lost in this decade. Though it is unlikely the exact ride will be reborn due to its shear unmanageable size, it lives on in spirit with the flume station, and there is always the opportunity for another similar racing coaster to
  14. Night Is Great Pt. III Well I said I wouldn't have anymore photos, but I do. Night is my favorite time to be at the park. There's far less people here and the lighting is just amazing to look at. The front of the park has a red glow to it that isn't present anywhere else. One of the most changing areas of the park, virtually nothing here is original except for the general shapes. As you creep out from the central areas of the park it becomes even more unrecognizable with the parks old structure even more foreign. The park has not looked back from its rapid expansion since
  15. Your research is pretty solid! You're pretty close on a lot of things but not exact. While there's certainly many overlying themes to what generally happened to amusement parks vs. theme parks, nearly every park has a different tale that differs significantly from the general trends. While there's giant parks such as Disneyland that take big crowds and certainly pushed out a lot of the parks that attempted to compete, you can't neglect local crowds that are more than able to sustain family parks as long as there isn't much other huge local competition. I don't know if you've seen my park East
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