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  1. ^Someone should tell intamin that. They redid they're track again!
  2. Trust me, you don't. If they redo them they're be too tight and remove some freedom.
  3. It's supposed to still get close to freezing on nights sometimes. Trust me its still to cold.
  4. 1)There's a difference between building around and flat out building over. One's possible and the others just not. 2)They removed exactly One togo, how exactly is that any kind of streak? 3)It's not prime real estate, and even if they did build a coaster where you wanted to put it, there's no reason to put the station there. 4) Like you said, it recently got a repaint. By your logic any ride that hasn't been painted in the last 10 years will be removed.
  5. I didn't know Apollo and Alpengesit were at kD And its not due for removal, no reason to remove a perfectly functional ride.
  6. You can't put a coaster there... At least with out removing all those rides you just paved over. Plus, land clearing would have started by now.
  7. Except Leviathan still isn't better than Millennium and Fury isn't intense.
  8. Are there any other noticeable projectors besides the first one? They should always be being you so unless you look you shouldn't notice. Anyway, I'll definitely be happy with getting one at CP, kind of looking forward to it. If they fix Capacity it will do fine, there's no dark ride competition up here at all.
  9. Bulls Suck!! I guess that means Wicked Twister's going to be closed a little longer.
  10. Kennywood's still has the horn, or at least it did last time I rode it.
  11. I'm 100% sure they're not new trains, in addition to the new bodies, all the yellow parts of the lap bars have been replaced and are brand new also adding to the "new" look of the trains, but I can assure you they're the same trains we've been running for 15 years. Those trains have not been running for 15 years straight, have they? Even if they didn't buy all new trains this year, I'm willing to bet theirs not a single original piece in them.
  12. I'm also curious about the intamin inverts. The discussion is around problems with Possessed at Dorney so maybe a quick internet search will clear that up. I know V2 at SFGAm is down too right now. Not sure about the California one though.
  13. So who's the idiot who put to much chlorine in the pool... Hope they gave him the boot. Anyway, do the new millennium trains do anything.
  14. Umm... What rock were you living under? This year was one worst winters We've had up here in a long time. It didn't even get much more than 40 till the last week or two. Simply, they couldn't start ride testing till recently or do some of the maintenance needed. Add the new Hotel Breakers and all the other stuff being built they just didn't have time. Really, I think people are over reacting a bit. Dragsters always down anyway, Wicked Twister seems to be a bigger problem and not the parks fault, Mavericks the only surprise and probably the most disappointing and who cares if mean streak is open anyway. Hopefully they just didn't have enough staff for Skyhawk because it could still be something bigger. Tiki Twirl was announced halfway through winter, is it really a surprise that they didn't finish? No one's complaining about the fact that SF never opens their new rides opening day. Think about it though, they have more rides than any other park to get open on time, with less time to do it than most of them.
  15. It has been like this for awhile now. Not sure what the deal is - not enough maintenance staff, not enough ops, not starting training soon enough? I understand Millennium Force hadn't even gotten certified by the state of Ohio for operation until 11AM today. Honestly, I would suggest not even bothering until June or so (which is what we did last year). The only reason I'd go is under conditions like ours - you can get a super cheap and not terrible Sandusky hotel room and you really just want to be inside the gates. Well they have a lot less time to prepare, it was still barely above freezing a week ago. Plus it was raining most of the day anyway so not all there fault. Wicked Twister seems like it might have something to do with the Possessed breakdown, maybe some kinda failure was found and its being fixed. TTD is just being TTD but Maverick doesn't break down all that often. Probably ran out of time for testing the new restraints and everything. Or it did just breakdown, you never know. Mean Streak being down makes me think they didn't have enough staff to finish testing in time though.
  16. Even then it didn't look like to much. Most of it was just finishing up paint and very small finishes. Outside might be a little ugly though, seems like landscaping wasn't done yet, but grass takes time so not all their fault.
  17. So, your problem is that they removed 1 of 3 antique car rides... You do realize you could ride 2 other almost identical ones at the same park. Or just go to almost any park anywhere and ride the same ride their. It's really not a tragedy.
  18. Hopefully this is a good thing. Never had a problem with the old ones personally, so I'd be mad if these are somehow worse.
  19. What kind of ride was that? Some kind of knock off KMG booster ride?
  20. Euclid Beach and West View park for me. Mainly because I've been to the closed sites of both and lived close enoughfor them to be my homepark.
  21. The heartline is always messed up on stand-ups because of different heights, and the floorless trains are a little higher up in the first place so it's about the same.
  22. It's good news to me, the world needs to keep these CCI's. They're pretty fun and do really represent the era.
  23. That's amazing, the world needs more strata coasters. If this has lapbars it'll be the best by far!
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