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  1. The unknown mini coaster is a Zamperla Junior Twister, or a Golden Horse knockoff of one.
  2. No need to shout, young man. What makes you think I'm shouting? My text was in large and bold. It just makes it a bit easier to see and emphasises my point. I do apologise if it came off that way. But yeah, I agree with what Baffles is saying on the name. The park brought all this confusion on themselves in naming it what they did. Nevertheless, I'm sure in time we'll get used to it. It's quite clever really when you think about it. Because a lot of people are aware of the movies they are just going to assume it is based on them. So they basically have all the benefits of an IP, without actually having to pay for one.
  3. It looks to me like it will be a launched model. The only straight part where the brakes and station could be is before the steep incline without the chain lift. It looks likely that it will launch backwards up the hill, then another launch forward through the course, chain lift up the second hill then backwards through the course back to the station. Possibly while spinning.
  4. They didn't go with any I.P. This has nothing to do with either of the movies of the same name. It just happens to be based on the same druid rituals that those movies are. They paid nothing for any I.P.
  5. They are saying that it is "The world's first rollercoaster experience fusing wood and fire" (pretty sure Wodan and Apocalypse are also Woodies that have fire effects though) so it will be real.
  6. Alton Towers have finally confirmed what we have known for quite some time.
  7. They did say when T-Rex and Raptor track rides were first announced that Raptor track was going to be a "Cookie Cutter" layout, so this is an off the shelf layout so will likely be more built with the same layout at other parks.
  8. Having seen the video again the floor does indeed seem to be in the correct position, was down in the v shape, was looking at it wrong before. It doesn't hit the floor so yes it is most likely metal fatigue. By the looks of it the gondola separates and then hits the gondola opposite it, breaking the restraints causing people to fall out. The restraints didn't fail. No-one was falling out until the gondola hit the other and broke the restraints.
  9. On the video it looks like one side of the floor had raised back up and that was what the row hit. Something had gone wrong somewhere to allow that piece of floor to raise back up while the ride was in motion.
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