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  1. Honestly it's still one of the best restraints in the entire park. It's not exactly hard to do that but they're burgers are still better than any of the other burger places.
  2. To me it seems like vekoma is going for more of floater airtime than ejector. They're speed hills are extremely spread out, and their big hills are shaped very similar to b&m. Personally I would rather have the intamin ejector.
  3. By the way, there was another good reason for it to shut down yesterday, staffing. Halloweekends staffing is always an issue, they are never able to keep all the coasters open so they might as well shut this down at the start of halloweekends.
  4. Well, in an Interview with Alan Shilke at iappa a couple years back he stated that RMC had 4 projects for 2017. I don't think this includes 4d free spins, given that he also said there were 3 projects for 2016, and they were hoping to get another one in their(like they did). Also, on RMC's instagram page they posted some pics of the factory, and you can see what is clearly Iron horse track(its a flat turn, so it cant be a 4d). In another pic they show a machine manufacturing parts that, according to the caption, are for a train.
  5. Actually you'll notice this actually means they are adding a giant flat section of track on one side up mean streak.
  6. Its always annoyed me that barrel rolls on flying coasters are considered an inversion. Your never upside down at any point during them.
  7. Once again, thanks for breaking it down, super helpful!! One more question since you said you reserved your FP ahead of time...can you pick up the wristband itself a day or two in advance? I will be arriving Monday evening, spending few hours that night, then spending all day Tuesday and Wednesday. I will only fork over the FP money for only one of those two days, most likely. My question is can I pick up the wristband on Monday night for my visit on Tuesday/Wednesday? It wouldn't inconvenience me too badly if I can't, but it would save a bit of time. Also, where do I pick these wristband
  8. Cedar Point always announces closings early so people can get last rides and all that. Wildcat wasn't, but they weren't planning on removing it. When it came time to have the ride re certified it didn't pass, they couldn't open it and they decided it would be better to scrap it then keep it.
  9. LC's was only running one side when I was there, not sure if that was a choice or it wasnt working. Skyhawk generally is pretty reliable on a daily basis, extended down time does definitly happen though.
  10. That doesn't really look twisty enough for a spinning coaster, maybe like a mine train kinda thing?
  11. You pick your speed? That seems kinda strange...
  12. The train is not traveling fast enough on the lift hill for nets to be necessary. The queue line doesn't actually go under the Immelman... so no nets needed there. Actually, the immelman does go over part of it. But anyway if something were to fall off it'd fly into the queue area. Also, it doesn't matter how fast the trains going, its 170 feet up its going to be going pretty fast by the time it hits the ground.
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