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  1. Cedar Point being my home park Magnum XL-200 Intamins RMC
  2. Cool video! Magnum's really underrated in my opinion. It's roughness has never bothered me, It looks beautiful along the beach and some probably the most intense airtime of any coaster on those last few hills.
  3. Superman: Ultimate Flight-SFGAdv during spring break this year.
  4. That looks so amazing. I really hope I can get down there in 2015.
  5. I'd definitely rather go to Cedar Point. Rides beat themeing for me.
  6. Every time I see the rotting Geagua Lake. Especially RWB support beams in the lot next to Thunder Falls.
  7. They could put an amazing GCI where Iron Dragon is, it takes up a pretty decent portion of space.
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