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  1. I don't think the water park is going anywhere soon. Most people still love the place and get season passes every year. Last time I was there I noticed an empty lot/field that would be big enough for a new slide tower (Drop Pod Slides at 122 feet tall anyone?) and a pile of white rotting wood that appears it could be from RWB.
  2. Revive: Intamin Mega's (Expedition G-Force Style) Not-Revive: Intamin Space Divers Kill-off: B&M Stand-ups
  3. It would be awesome if one was built here (or at CP). They would be amazing fits at both parks.
  4. I was there last year and I didn't even realize it was going on(forgot to check the website). I got on most of the coasters and only rilized what was going on when in I could see it in line for Gemini.
  5. Maverick only at #28!?!?!?!?!? Skyrush only at #26!?!?!?!? Gatekeeper Better than Raptor?!?!?!? What!?!?!?!?!
  6. Ya that's what I thought when I heard they did that, but they don't seem to be trying very hard in any other way. Also whats with luminosity's empty stage being on the webcam right now. That's one of the last things I would want to show during the day.
  7. Couple things. 1) Raptor getting stuck on the brake run is not the fault of operations. When trains stack they do not stop on the brake run, that was an E-Stop. 2) Generally when dragsters line is going down the midway it means it just reopened or is broken down. 3) In the last few years I've never seen a ride stacking trains. The only time was on Gatekeeper and a manager went up and started dispatching trains himself because the ops where to slow and he sped it right back up and there wasn't any stacking the rest of the day. 4) Just look at Magnum. That ride is running three trains without stacking or a mid course.(Generally) 5) I must just be lucky but I've never seen Maverick down once. Anyway I know CP isn't perfect but most of those complaints are easily explained.
  8. If they wanted to CP could definitely get a new coaster built by 2015 in Mantis'. Also looking at the web cam it's kinda funny watching all the cars driving around the Midway near Mantis.
  9. Two Things: 1) I'm heading done to the point on 9/20 to get one last ride on (And First) on Mantis. I'm gonna get there probably by noon maybe by opening and am gonna stay till close. I don't want to do any of the Halloweekends stuff and want to know if I should get Fast Lane or if their won't be any lines. Also I wanted to know if Magnum's third train has been put back together and when they stop letting people into lines for the coasters. 2) CF would probably try to relocate any rare ride like Iron Dragon like they did with Demon Drop.
  10. All I can say after seeing this crappy list is when's the Mitch Hawker Poll.
  11. Ya they do need some more shade in the front of the park but it still looks amazing.
  12. CP's my home park too and from what I've seen there operations are pretty good. They constantly run all rides at full capacity and the biggest problem seems to be idiot GP not knowing what a Seat belt is. CP did degrade a little bit in the bast few years but in the last two I think they started to improve with fixing up ugly area's of the park and repainting rides.
  13. Soo does this mean Cedar Point will go all out and do something amazing to reclaim their title? I hope so.
  14. I don't really think that Europa Park should be compared to each other. To me they seem to have completly different experiences. Cedar Point= BestAmusement Park Europa Park Best Theme Park I guess CP will just call themselves "America's Roller Coast!" again.
  15. That is the most screwed up top ten list I've ever seen, Since when were there so many B&M Fanboys?!?!?! I did not expect that big of a gap between Europa and CP at all but it probably deserves it. Also didn't flying turns open in 2013?
  16. 1) Little Dipper- Memphis Kiddie park 60) Nitro-SFGAdv 61) Superman Ultimate Flight- SFGAdv
  17. I really hope we get some kind of insane looping flat ride like a Top Scan or a Loop Fighter.
  18. Sooo, this pretty much confirms that there will be something new next year.blog post
  19. I hate when people complain about that stuff. It really doesn't slow down your line and it's not there fault your waiting in an hour line. If you don't want to wait stop blaming them and pay for the thing! Anyway I had a laugh at the guy who says he wouldn't even get a season pass because they have the option to wait in a shorter line, that's a plus! Not A Negative!
  20. Just noticed the web cam is zoomed in on the dodgems sign. If they really did change their plans maybe we will be seeing them removed.
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