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  1. "Golden Dragon Pulley"- What!?!?! Just WHAT!?!?!?
  2. ^^^ I've never understood why tilted loops are considered inversions.
  3. That's strange, wouldn't have guessed. Also I had a thought, if they sorta did what happened with Powder keg they could put in a JOJO roll, launch into a cobra and add an extra corkscrew to the end and bring up the total inversions too 8
  4. You are right, with Wildcat, now they are down to 16...HMMMMM It's because they count Pipe Scream as a coaster. Therefore, they say they have 17. I see, I guess that is one of those maybe coasters for me...seem to be on the same line as those Six Flags Super Loops. it's definitely more of a coaster than a super loop. I would even consider it more of a coaster than Superman at SFMM. Still they shouldn't be counting it though.
  5. Actually possible names: Banshee the Revenge Reaper's Revenge Cavalier The King
  6. I really hope some crazy, rare inverting flat ride comes along with that. CP doesn't really have that many anymore. (Only Witches Wheel?)
  7. And Corkscrew, and Maverick. Corkscrew - Not good Maverick - Has two inversions and isn't focused on them.
  8. Maybe if they could either re-profile Mantis or just completely scrap it they could be the first coaster in the US with 8 inversions. They really need another good inverting coaster, all they have is Gatekeeper and Raptor.
  9. This will probably never happen to Mantis but would be amazing. 1) Lap bar only floor-less trains. 2) First drop gets re-profiled to include a heart line roll like Steel Medusa. 3) Second half is indoors.
  10. 1) I would be very happy with a Mantis conversion. 2) The GP will belive its a new ride and they probably won't care all that much sense it's still a new experience.
  11. CP can definitely build a new coaster in Mantis's spot for next year. If it's something large it might not open for opening day though . I'm really hoping for a GG woodie like Ravine Flyer.
  12. At CP I felt really bad last time because I won a plinko pass and they let us take the front row.(Line was about 2 and a half hours.
  13. I saw somewhere that they decided not to and spend it on something else but confirmed it would get repainted this year.
  14. I have to say, if I was down there I would definitely want a good log flume, even more than an extra coaster.
  15. I don't understand the state of NJ...... How would reversing a train be any more dangerous than having the train face forward.
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