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  1. Ya Bizzaro just felt like a vekoma to me, It was one of the roughest rides I've ever had on a coaster and worse than most arrows. I probably just got a bad ride on it I guess though
  2. At Perkins: Magnums the tallest coaster in the world In line for Maverick: That's Mean Streak. It's my favorite, It's so awesome how it throws you around just like this. In Gemini's Station: GP 1: It's not scarry GP 2: But it's made of wood! It could fall down any second! GP !: True, but it still isn't scary
  3. Best arrow ever: Magnum no question about it to me. Amazing ejector and one of the best first drops ever in the back row.
  4. Either Arrow or Intamin for me. They both pushed every boundary they could and they all turned out well at first. I definitely think arrows problem was parks not taking the best care of the rides. To me the arrows at CP like Magnum and Gemini are way smoother than Bizarro at SFGAdv.
  5. I was wondering something. Do the Plinko front-of-the-line passes let you take the front seat? I heard you couldn't so I sat in a middle run on dragster but they let me take front row on Maverick, so ya I'm confused. Anyway Rougaroo does seem to have an amazing capacity but it still isn't anywhere near Gemini.
  6. So a tiny insect is stronger than a Werewolf thingy...... Anyway I really like the new color scheme.
  7. Am I the only one who thinks its strange how so many people have started to praise Stand-ups? A few months ago I bet they would have said that they suck.
  8. I really hope that Iron Dragon gets the new darker paint it has in the video.
  9. I really hope that Iron Dragon gets a repaint. It's gonna look really ugly with freshly painted Not-Banshee and TTD next to it.
  10. Maybe they'll listen about Mean Streak next year! Anyway this is excactly what I wanted and I guess I'll have to get one last ride on Mantis.
  11. Why wouldn't you want your own coaster? Come on that's just a wasted opportunity then.
  12. Am I the only one who noticed that they said the name of the new ride would be "King James" this time and not just naming a ride after him? Anyway, this announcement was a huge success for the park in my opinion. Just look how people are suddenly talking about the park!
  13. Are any rides going to be closed during Saturdays in Halloweekends?
  14. Disaster Transport with most of the scenery working, plus i got a lights on ride which looked really cool.
  15. I really hat Nitro's supports. They look like someone designed them in rc3
  16. Mantis would definitely be number two, Gatekeepers fun and has one of the best drops of any coaster I've ever ridden but it doesn't come anywhere close to an old school B&M like Raptor.
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