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  1. I'm hoping his history in Food Operations can bring some DC Comics themed fun to the Gotham City section of the park. While there are nicely themed eateries in Coyote Creek and Mardi Gras, Gotham City is just barren food kiosks with cityscape cutouts on a roof. Some villain-themed cocktails in souvenir mugs would be great for the rumored Villain's Club Bar. What about Catwoman's Tuna Melt or The Flash's FlashFried Chicken?
  2. Thanks for sharing, such a shame! I would expect at least cardboard cutouts of the Villains or Wanted Posters possibly.
  3. Over 1600 tests? That's more than the number of total guests they get per season!
  4. Current news today doesn't reccomend certain states open until Early June... Will be a bleak year for theme parks, my friends. At least I have my Fortnite!
  5. Good for them! Looks great. Great. Now in addition to the park's curse of Eleanor, this ride will have the Curse of Coronavirus! Construction should've been halted. Lives are at risk!
  6. I've been attending Six Flags parks since I was 19 years old. I am very familiar with their extensive DC Comics theming, I would have hoped it extended to this new pub.
  7. Really? The DC Villains bar is named STEELWORKS PUB? They could've at least had a DC Comics themed name. I still resent Six Flags for not utilizing a Fortnite theme.
  8. I don't understand why they are closing? You don't spread jerms on a roller coaster. It's outside and you are far from other people. If anything they could just limit park capacity.
  9. I thought of some fun villan cocktails for the bar HARLEY'S HURRICANE - rum, pineapple juice, grenadine KILLER CROC'S MOSCOW MULE - vodka, ginger beer, gummi crocodile JOKER'S JUICE - rum, vodka, coka cola, iced tea, lemonade CATWOMAN'S CATNIP SIPPER - fresh barley, cilantro, gin, lime juice, seltzer water which one would you most like to drink? served in a souviner mug shaped like Joker's face for $29.99
  10. The DC Villains Bar is an AMAZING CONCEPT! It needs immersive theming (similar to Penguin's Blizzard River station queue)
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