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  1. Okay so you're trying to get people to laugh at you cause you're desperate for attention. I get your whole schtick now.
  2. The amount of space (if you include the Whitewater Fall area) + the height + the quotes from Cedar Fair + these teases make me REALLY think a Maverick/Cheetah Hunt could happen. But most likely it'll be some dumb shit like that launched mack spinner.
  3. I'm assuming there will be some Perilous Plunge-style backlash and a five point harness will be installed in each car over the off-season.
  4. ^ lol In other news, there are tire marks and more wooden stakes with "2018" and "SR1" on them now in the invertigarden. Any idea what the SR1 could mean?
  5. If you guys are worried about capacity, just go to the park after 8pm on weekdays. Last Thursday there couldn't have been more than fifty people in the entire park from 8-10. So amazingly awesome not having to hear three million basketballs being bounced directly in my face all day long.
  6. Wtf, it makes sense but I never really thought about the fact that Hulk is only 110 ft tall. Mind blown. Let's get a Hulk in CGA stat.
  7. I'd point out that they already have something really similar, but SFMW has two frisbees so shrug. If they did add that, at least I'd be saving a lot of money on a Gold Pass/Dining Pass/Drink Pass next year.
  8. Oh shit it was just raised to 110 ft. http://smartpermit.santaclaraca.gov/tm_bin/tmw_cmd.pl?tmw_cmd=StatusViewCase&shl_caseno=PLN2017-12662
  9. The average CGA-goer already stumbles around the park in a dazed state of blank-faced confusion, calling something "The Edge" will just confuse them even further.
  10. A blitz coaster would be so perfect for that area. It could start in the Invertigarden, use the area up over there, then launch over onto the Whitewater Falls side for the second half. There's still a ton of space back there around Gold Striker's back section.
  11. I personally think that it's a very low chance that CGA will install a Boomerang.
  12. At the ACE preview for CGA a few months ago, they mentioned that Cedar Fair was more excited to exploit the potential of CGA than any other CF park currently.
  13. I'm hesitant to get hyped over this. Maverick is around that height though.. so who knows?
  14. Hopefully they've learned their lesson from TC and they'll give the ops more than enough time to get the next train ready for the duel.
  15. Oh okay so it's gonna duel with itself. Glad they finally confirmed that.
  16. Stood in line for about five minutes before promptly leaving after the thing swung what seemed like three feet above my head.
  17. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess by your reply that you are a 20-40 year old straight male white dude?
  18. That story made me extremely happy that I don't live in any of the flyover states. Sorry you had to deal with such a garbage person.
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