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  1. lol I guess the Electric Eel tank will at least probably be interesting. Looking forward to that tank!
  2. How are crowds today? I'm planning on swinging by tomorrow and was hoping post-Christmas crowds wouldn't be too awful.
  3. The employees didn't even get THAT mad I was taking pictures in AHS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I can't believe how amazing this high speed chase is! I hope traffic stays that way tomorrow when I head down to HHN!
  5. Some dude is in a high speed chase and just went past the park on the 5. It was awesome.
  6. Are there rules regarding taking pictures with monsters in mazes? As the confirmed #1 American Horror Story fan in the world, this information is EXTREMELY important to me.
  7. Was it people like him that came up with that garbage bin of a layout?
  8. Probably been asked over and over and over, but was wondering how friendly the Forbidden Journey cars are for bigger dudes?
  9. Then don't buy the dining pass and eat somewhere that doesn't accept it or eat at off peak times. Okay thank you for the tip ma'am!
  10. I'd change Stealth's two corkscrews at the end to two outside facing rolls, then end with a helix.
  11. I really hate how long lines for food have gotten since they introduced the dining pass.
  12. Seriously badass addition. Surprised no announcement of a retheme of that area?
  13. I've noticed users on these forums seem to run jokes waaaaay past the end zone.
  14. Probably because you called it Discovery Kingdom and not Marine World.
  15. I know right? I'm always so scared to eat California Rolls whenever I leave the state. Especially in the ones really far from CA. I mean, you never really know how long they've been on the road.
  16. There's a meh mom and pop cheesesteak place next to the amazing Taco Bell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  17. There's a REALLY good Taco Bell a few blocks away from California's Great America.
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