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  1. In regards to the After 2pm Day/Night Combo ticket, is there any way to possibly combine that with a VIP front of the line pass?
  2. Like I said, it'll look pretty. And it's going from a coaster I have 0% interest in riding to something I'll ride if there's a station wait so technically it's an improvement. Just not a very exciting one.
  3. I'm excited for the paint job and improvements to the station it'll probably end up getting, but you gotta realize it's a different situation for us out here in norcal because we've had access to Medusa for so long. Not to mention Vortex is a decidedly shorter and more boring version of Rougarou.
  4. You guys got an amazing addition. The new area looks so good, would love to spend half a day there just sitting around eating fried food and listening to music. I'm sure it'll look even better at night, too.
  5. SO excited to not have to spend money on a Great America pass two years in a row now. Thanks for the savings, Cedar Fair!
  6. My friend enjoys wooden coasters more than steel coasters because he can walk on them.
  7. So excited for this! VR is awesome, and positive modifications to a ride that previously wasn't worth my time is even more awesome. Good for you, Marine World!
  8. They need to do more creative designs like Tatsu, and less uncreative designs like literally everything other than Tatsu.
  9. It's unbelievable to me that after five years people still have doubts about blatantly obvious RMC conversions.
  10. I have literally never come across someone who's dislikes The Simpsons. You don't even like seasons 4-10?
  11. The GP's voice matters a lot more to parks than the voice of enthusiasts, so one has to wonder with the response this (and other new traditional wooden) coasters have been getting if major parks are going to stop investing in coasters like these. It can't be fun making an announcement like this and seeing the responses we're seeing on Facebook and other social media.
  12. I quit two years ago EXCEPT for my trips to socal. There's just something so magical about smoking in the Disney Resort. Was devastated when they changed the Rivers of America smoking spot a few years ago to no longer be a smoking spot during Fantasmic. Was SUCH a great view of the show.
  13. I've had that leg pain a couple times on Riddler and Vortex, and once on Mantis the one time I've been on it. Apparently I deserved it though so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.
  14. Hopefully it's a hoax. I'd hate for any harm to come to such an amazing collection of coasters.
  15. Joker had a really strange vibration in the green train/back seat this Sunday that I didn't feel during the preview night or the weekend after that. That being said, that first drop is so amazing that all four out of four times I've been on it I completely forget what element comes next. It's a mixture of disorientation and thinking for a split second that I'm riding Roar.
  16. That's actually exactly my thoughts on the ride. I think it's actually really fun, especially the latter half over the rapids/through the tunnel. A nice little VR pony ride through a virtual ghost town would just make it a little more worth the time spent waiting in line for it.
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