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  1. I'm sorry you disagree with my opinion. Am I not allowed to express it?
  2. Joker may have been an amazing ride, but the most amazing ride experience of the year would definitely have to go to the VR on The New Revolution. It really was amazing and added so much more to the ride than I thought it would after hearing the initial announcement. Hopefully by this time a few years from now every coaster in every park will have a VR option available to those who enjoy it
  3. Saw more people playing Pokemon Go than not playing Pokemon Go at the park yesterday.
  4. Yeah.. I'm gonna go ahead and reschedule my Dollywood trip for '17.
  5. 1. Twisted Colossus (Dueling) 2. Joker 3. Twisted Colossus (Not dueling) 4. Wicked Cyclone
  6. In a specifically random order- Green Lantern (SFMM) X2 Xcelerator Twisted Colossus Joker The ride at SFMM that has the word Throttle in the name. Tatsu Gemini Ghostrider Raging Bull Just missed the cut- Wicked Cyclone Millennium Force Goliath (SFMM) Gold Striker Dragster Superman (SFMW)
  7. I would die to have something like that near me. I just think all the turns are funny
  8. Woah, one of the first times a POV was more disappointing than construction pics of the ride. We get it Taron, you're really good at turning. We believe you.
  9. Off topic but that picture has reminded me.. was that spinning car test successful?
  10. The S&S Free Spins are like the Intamin Zacspins except less intense.
  11. I try to stick to my workout routine when going to amusement parks, but everyone ends up staring. It's like.. can't a guy do his shake weight reps in peace?
  12. I've got all the time in the world for something as cool as a VR coaster
  13. Amazing news! Can't wait for this awesome new tech to be added to such a fun coaster
  14. I saw a piece of padding fall off directly in front of my face during the stall on Twisted Colossus on one of the preview days.
  15. Tie for 1st Place in no particular order: Joker Twisted Colossus Manta West Xcelerator X2 Goliath Füll Thröttle Pony Express Silver Bullet Ghostrider Just missed the cut: Gold Striker Flight Deck Skyrush Wicked Cyclone California Screamin Raging Bull
  16. I understand why the walkway around the pre-drop turnaround is there, but it still makes me sad regardless.
  17. Good luck getting all those punkass little brats to stop pushing and pulling on the airgates.
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