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  1. It's almost as if there was some other Six Flags park in Texas that closed permanently that he may have gotten it confused with.
  2. I'm 100% sure this has been said already somewhere in this thread but this is totally a NL2 coaster come to life.
  3. Damn that 4k makes it look so good. Can't wait to get out there this winter to try that thing out.
  4. It would be if there wasn't a Sonic's five minutes away from the park.
  5. Not worried. I can see already that its tracks are brown and not purple and green. Pretty scenery though! The view from the top of that lift hill is probably amazing.
  6. I can compare the sky ride at Great America to Ghostrider if I wanted.
  7. I've found it isn't so much a height thing that causes pain on Green Lantern, it's more so the lack of knowledge of how to properly sit while on the ride.
  8. Green Lantern is honestly the worst coaster I've ever ridden. It's even worse than that POS Flashback that SFMM had back in the 90s. It's just painful and really not any fun. I've ridden it 8-10 times trying to see if I could get a good ride and they were all terrible. The last time I rode, it was so bad that I said never again. The S&S Free Spins look like fun though and I'd be willing to give them a chance. There's a reason SF is installing those now and they never built another Zac Spin. Thank you for sharing your opinion! I love Green Lantern
  9. That's actually a great idea, a Smiler clone would totally fit on Green Lantern's footprint.
  10. Green Lantern is absolutely amazing. The intensity is unmatched, and that final turn into the brakes can be one of the most fun elements out there depending on your orientation through it.
  11. Ah yeah, I forgot floods were something to joke around and be sarcastic about. Sorry!
  12. Personally, I was more excited for Joker than anything on that list except for Taron. Taron looks TOO good.
  13. It's a year round park. If the downtime goes into July even a day then it officially by definition has been down most of 2016.
  14. Just went for the first time. Holy fuck Manta is so good. Edit: I would never say fudge.
  15. Joker ended up exactly where I thought it would on my list of RMC's I've been on. #1 - Dueling Twisted Colossus #2 - Joker #3 - Non-dueling Twisted Colossus #4 - Wicked Cyclone The wave turn was surprisingly fun and forceful. Reverse-banked entrance had less air than I thought it would (in the back), but the whole turn was taken so fast and the exit had such strong ejector. The whole thing was BF'ing insane.
  16. I'm fairly close and I have nothing better to do so I'm just waiting it out. They don't know if it's coming back up. Edit: It's down for the night. They're keeping Superman open for us for a few last rides.
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