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  1. Crossing my fingers RMC engineered the end of Joker to be a little more impressive than the one to Storm Chaser.
  2. I think my issue with the layout (and this is coming from someone who's only seen a video) isn't so much that is has a slower finale, slow finales can be fine. The problem I see is that the final little overbank seems extremely out of place in such a low-speed setting. It's obvious they thought this thing was going to be taking that final section at a much higher speed.
  3. Still would love to go ride it, but wow that has to be the worst ending to a great coaster that I've ever seen.
  4. The comments from the GP on Facebook about that recent article about the fairground coaster's restraint coming loose on some kid make me want to kill myself.
  5. Seeing as how it's Valencia, I'd honestly be hesitant to do any of that for fear of being jumped in the parking lot on the way back to my car.
  6. I'm not a scientist, but I'm assuming the difference is that one makes you float in your seat and one ejects you upwards.
  7. Kinda upsetting to see the GP's response to the ride in Facebook comments. I think thanks to RMC, the public really looks at traditional woodies in an entirely different light nowadays.
  8. It's insane how much prettier the California RMC's are than the rest.
  9. I would seriously never stop laughing if they actually spent money to move Vortex anywhere but a smaller park/garbage can.
  10. It is in a park that has more than one interesting coaster. Luckily, this is CGA and having Gold Striker open will be good enough.
  11. Just passive aggressively make fun of stupid people in comment sections like I do. 99% of the time they won't even understand what's happening to them.
  12. If you look closely, the upper half is a straight drop. It doesn't start to bank until past halfway down, so the air should be sustained as long as it would be on a fully straight drop.
  13. Jambo was a magic carpet flat in the back of the park near the Giraffes. Sorta behind the Tava's Jungleland kid area.
  14. So the first looping coaster didn't have a loop. That's really interesting.
  15. Keep boomerang, throw the Free Fly over where the Scary Scary Jambo used to be. I'm sure the giraffes won't mind.
  16. With Superman right next to it, could we possibly be looking at a retheme of that area?
  17. So when people were mentioning bruised legs, I really thought that was just hyperbole. Then I went on Twisted Colossus fifteen times. I'm so bruised up I don't know if I can do day two of the preview. Also, did anybody ride in the back of the blue car just before they took it off? About an hour or so into the day I started feeling a really weird vibration happening in the back half of the train, was wondering if I was crazy or if anyone else noticed. Highlights of TC in no order: - First drops in the back. - Dueling on the green side (I personally think the best moment is watching the blue train spiral around you right before the double-up.) - The lift hills when dueling. - Any part where the trains are racing side by side. - The twist out of the green stall. - Making eye contact with someone in the high five or top gun.
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