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  1. Based on the POV alone, I'm guessing a dueling TC ride will be slightly better than Joker, but a non-dueling ride will probably be significantly less cook than Joker.
  2. Hey that hashtag is funny in this thread too, crazy.
  3. This week's This American Life has a really great story about a woman whose mother was too scared to let her to go Disneyland, so they took their yearly vacations just in the Disneyland Hotel. If you've got half an hour give it a listen, it's a pretty funny story.
  4. I'd trade it for a Zacspin, but those RMC 4th dimension coasters look so boring.
  5. Storm Chaser looks alright. That ending really kills it for me though, I grew up next to Flight Deck so I like me some intense endings.
  6. My friend told me that his sister's ex is a ride op working on Lightning Rod right now and they had the thing going 120mph at one point and it flew off the track somewhere in the middle and actually landed safely on the brake run. She said there was a video of it but it accidentally got deleted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. That outward banked hill after the Breaking Wave turn looks like it's going to be one of the surprise WOW moments in the ride. Look at that headchopper you get from the Asian Camelback!
  8. It looks like it gets a tiny little boost just like TC does before its pre-lift.
  9. From an e-mail from Six Flags this morning. Let's hope this is a case where a few actually means a few, and not five or six.
  10. They should rip out all of Tomorrowland and just put in one huge Tron coaster.
  11. I have recurring dreams of shuttle coasters flying off the end of their track. Thanks, RCT.
  12. Yeah, I can't believe people have the audacity to have individual opinions about things.
  13. Same. I actually go every Sunday. I think the banking on that last turnaround really says it all. This things gonna be hauling äss from start to finish. (Though technically the same thing could have been said about that weird little overbank on Storm Chaser too...)
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