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  1. Did the VR Ghost Town cowboy robot thing a few days ago. Two thoughts on it: 1. lol @ the attraction not actually being in ghost town 2. It wasn't a waste of money, I had a decent enough time. I would say though, the recently released Farpoint totally blows it out of the water. Knott's experience is great for only being six bucks though compared to what you'd need to spend to play Farpoint.
  2. This thing is so god damn amazing. To think, these people made the boomerang. What a come back story.
  3. Oh my god these are going to be SO perfect for smaller parks. Gilroy Gardens, Adventure City, are you guys paying attention?
  4. They could totally add a loop to the design and market it as Tidal Wave 2017.
  5. It would be poetic justice if I spent a week straight laughing at this and then we end up getting one at my home park a year later......
  6. I think there has definitely been enough time since the last Impulse installation that Intamin could have improved/altered the design in some modern/interesting way.
  7. Holy shit that could have been SO much worse. Really terrifying video.
  8. The more I go on it, the more I want to put Patriot higher on my list than Flight Deck. The floatiness in the loop is awesome, the low-to-the-ground swooping turns in and out of the turnaround/helix are finally smooth and fun, and I can't get enough of that S-turn into Corkscrew. That weirdly banked turnaround prior to the breaks is different and neat too. The awesome trains/repaint are just icing on the cake.
  9. Gotta agree about Skyrush, just wasn't a fun experience for me.
  10. I've gotta agree with this person. It's totally the worst part of each of those rides when they end 2/3rds of the way through and spit you out onto the ground below. Who even thought that would be a good idea?
  11. They probably got the idea from riding it and feeling sensations in their body.
  12. Poor Scream is somehow now the third best floorless coaster in the state.
  13. It would be fun to see B&M modify their hyper trains to include some sort of shin restraints like RMC. A set of those trains of Riddler would be pretty damn amazing.
  14. The corkscrew has a noticeable snap in the middle of it, causing the entire left side of the train to have an airtime-y/flung-out-of-your-seat sensation. I'm going to take a moment to randomly and blindly guess and say it may have something to do with the fact that the ride was designed for a different heartline?
  15. I think it's also worthy to note that they noticeably cranked up the lift hill speed and added a set of magnetic brakes at the end.
  16. I have never physically laughed at a coaster before today.
  17. I love The Roots. Can't believe Cedar Fair was willing to drop the money for them.
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