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  1. How are Top Scan's common... Like before this year there were 2 permanent installations in NA. I really liked my one ride on Carowind's version and would love to have more throughout the chain as a lot of the parks don't have a ton of thrill rides outside of coasters and the occasional frisbee, Screamin' Swing, and Top Scan which are starting to get the axe.
  2. When literally any roller coaster that is relatively large is being removed, people expect it to go to KK. No hate or anything but it's just not realistic
  3. Front row, night ride on Fury 325. Probably the best coaster experience I've had.
  4. Had a surprisingly good ride on Flight of Fear at Kings Island, last one wasn't to great
  5. cringe... It clearly states that TPR requires a sense of humor and everything should stay around PG-13. If a kid gets on TPR, that's there choice. And I bet a lot of us remember swearing like we were so cool from probably 10 on.
  6. ^^ Ugh I miss Mako and Manta. Kraken too. All three are the best of their class that I have ridden. Incredible theming on Manta and Mako, Kraken just has a kick a$$ layout. Mako has the best airtime on a B&M hyper Anyways, my last ride was on Banshee at KI, but will be heading back next Tuesday to de-stress from finals.
  7. You always have the best sarcastic posts! I just know you've been on Skyrush and I305, so it's blasphemous to see any of those looping B&Ms ahead of those two. *IMO* Implying Montu or Kumba don't deserve to be on the list. Kumba is absolutely amazing and I'm so glad I followed Coasterbill's advice to sit back right. Easily the best zero-g roll of all time.
  8. I'd say it's much more similar to RCT3, although much more complex. It's locked to a grid, but nearly all parts are able to be shortened or lengthened. It's got limitations, but it's pretty great and fits the classic style.
  9. So is that supposed to be a dive machine or something into an underwater shark? It looks like Krake on steroids.
  10. I honestly thought the first picture was a rendering, that section of the park looks gorgeous. I've only been once and it was 2015's HitP so I wasn't able to get down there/couldn't see anything in the back half of the park. Literally got scarily dark once you go past Goliath.
  11. Dragster during the launch in the back shakes a little, nothing awful, but noticeable. Front is ridiculously smooth though.
  12. Giant Frisbee's have a rattle? I've never noticed on the NA models, one I literally rode Saturday. But I also didn't notice Banshee had one because I cared more about the giant amazing inversions than a slight shake. And yeah, I need to go to Liseberg, my family has Gothenburg as one of the final contestants on where we go in Europe either this summer or early fall. But there is still London, Berlin, and Dublin and I've been vouching for Berlin and London.
  13. And not sure what problems are rampant with SF? From a business perspective they are doing extremely well and have less than half of the debt CF has. There is a reason Wall Street loves SF. I'm not talking about fiscal, but rather the guest experience part. A lot of Six Flags seem to have bad guest service, bad/uncaring ops and employees, and pretty unclean and unattractive parks littered with ads and completely lacking the small park charm. It's not completely chain wide but I've been to some of the best parks, and I still run into issues with bad ops all the time and unenforced rule breaking.
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