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Best Drops....

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I really find it weird how so many GCIs get overlooked.

Apocalypse's first drop in the back three cars gets serious ejector air because the train hits the drop at at least 20 mph.

And Renegade's sidewinder drop is really memorable with some interesting forces without the whiplash.

I did enjoy MF's and Maverick's first drops, but I kind of feel like MF's was kind of overrated. It was very long and I got great airtime, but it's nothing terribly unique.

My personal favorite in the steel department is Tatsu's "OH S***" moment going into the Pretzel Roll.

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My favorites are:


Shambhala It feels like you're falling forever

Katun Shaped in a way that it gives a nice floater, especially in the back. This is awesome on a inverted coaster

TroyStill gives me that OMFG feeling

Wodan timbur coaster That drop looks huge and goes even lower under the ground

Stunt fall Somehow floating between your seat and the restrains and slamming back into there at the bottom.

Montanya russa(tibidabo) http://www.designforall.org/imatges/editora/fotoMR_peque.JPG

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My list has changed quite a bit since the last time I posted in this thread.


Steel Coasters

1) Skyrush (Hersheypark)- The first drop last year was insane. The lift really throws the car over the top and I experienced the most forceful air-time I've encountered. Then halfway down the hill, the drop somehow provides a second burst of ejector air which is unlike anything I have ever experienced.


2) Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion)- That first drop is outstanding. It gives major air-time the whole way down and is breathtaking.


3) Phantom's Revenge (Kennywood)- The second drop is deserving of all the praise that it gets, especially at night. It seems to go on forever and picks up incredible speed while launching riders out of their seats.


Wooden Coasters

1) Cyclone (Coney Island)- I rode this classic in the very back seat at night. That drop absolutely blew me away and was like nothing I've ever experienced. I was completely ejected from my seat (no seatbelts) and I was completely caught off guard by how steep and violent the descent was. While old, this takes the cake for the best drop I have ever experienced on a coaster.


2) Jack Rabbit (Kennywood)- That double down is legendary. The drop gives huge ejector air and feels more like a drop on a drop tower than on a roller coaster. It's that awesome!


3) El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure)- It's tall. It's fast. It's steep. And it completely ejects riders. What else hasn't been said?

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My favorites (In no specific order):


Intimidator 305 Kings Dominion-Easily one of the best drops on any roller coaster.

Bizarro SFNE-Especially in the back, you can't really tell when you're about to go over the first drop.

Apollo's Chariot BGW-Once again, the back seat is awesome. After the small dip coming off the lift, you get yanked over when going down the drop.

Alpengeist BGW-It may not be the most thrilling drop, but I do love the way it spirals going into the Immelman.

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1.) SpongeBob Squarepants Rock Bottom Plunge's first drop. Great airtime.

2.) Maverick's first drop. Close with SpongeBob's drop though. Also great airtime.

3.) I'm not sure if these count, but the airtime hills of Magnum XL-200 grouped together provide completely insane airtime.

4.) Jack Rabbit's 2nd drop of the double dip; it provides great airtime.

5.) Top Thrill Dragster's drop - you watch MF below you one second and the next you are yanked towards the earth and drilled into Earth's core..

6.) Grizzly (KD)'s drop, if you sit in the last row, it provides insane airtime.

7.) Griffon's drop. If you're in the front row, it is the scariest thing ever.

8.) Cornball Express' drop, if you sit in the last row. Like Grizzly's but less intense.

9.) Mantis's first drop - for some reason I really love that drop.

10.) Batman - the Ride (SFGAm)'s first drop. It gradually gets more intense as it curves downward.

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This looks like a great thread, so I figured it would be worth resurrecting.


My current favorites:

-X2's Skydive and 2nd raven turn

-Drop Tower at CGA

-Most of the SCBB Giant Dipper's airtime-laden drops

-DCA ToT's drops...haven't been on the other ToTs

-Griffon's first drop

-Boomerang's first drop, believe it or not; I like the surprise factor

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M Force, it's big and you still feel it.

On I305 and Skyrush the drops seem to happen so fast you don't really get that stomach feeling, at least I didn't. While MForce is a nice, big drop that is a bit scary with how steep it is, but gives a long feeling in the stomach.


However, opening year before they slowed it down over the top...Skyrush back row was just messed up. Airtime, a good amount, going over the top and into that drop. Was perhaps the most scared I've ever been a ride! Shame it's been tamed or that may be #1


El Toro's is just awesome.

Someone beat me to Grizzly at Kings Dominion, but yeah in the back row there is some pretty major airtime!

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I have updated my opinion from X2 and GhostRider having the best drops. My favorite drops are now Full Throttle's final drop on the top hat in the back car for steel coasters and Apocalypse's first drop in the back row for wooden coasters. For non-coasters, the powerful drop on Larson/ARM towers and the long drop on Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom.

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1.) Top Thrill Dragster - It is HUGE, the twist is an awesome touch, and just having a lap bar holding you in is awesome! Great upper body freedom.


2.) Maverick - First drop is simply amazing! The airtime is fantastic.


3.) Incredible Hulk - For some reason I love the first "inversion" drop, and the location is beautiful!


4.) Powder Keg - The first drop is awesome, you drop farther than the hill you go up, and the airtime is nice.




1.) Outlaw Run - Every single drop is beyond amazing. . . The sheer speed and force of the ride is breath taking! The steepness, and airtime of the first drop are perfect!


2.) --- Who needs more after Outlaw Run?

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I'm not quite sure which one I prefer. Skyrush's has some kick-ass airtime but the restraints hurt you while shambhala has a floating feeling to it, and feels like it lasts forever.

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