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  1. IF you've ever worked at a park you know physics days are the worst days of the year, I still have PTSD
  2. Looking to head to the park this weekend but its going to be cold. What rides don't operate in the cold, im guessing Ka?
  3. I agree! And contrary to other people on this forum Ive had great trips recently
  4. Those of you in the north east the don't want to take the drive to great adventure, lake compound is surprisingly open this weekend
  5. The weekends after fright fest and before holiday in the park is the entire park open?
  6. 2 things to note, The cannon ball loop was closed most the time and would only open periodically. And while the park did have insurance, it was in the Cayman Islands making and owned by the same owners of the resort making it somewhat fake
  7. Park had really improved this year with great operations despite one train ops, looking forward to night rides on boulder dash
  8. I think its gonna be a thrill slide since they don't have one after lights out closed
  9. Phobia was up and running today, shout out to the ops too they did an amazing job
  10. Went to the park yesterday, crowds were very light but probably had the best expiernece I've had at the park. 2 trains on all rides, all the staff was very friendly, operations were great except on flashback surprisingly which somehow had the longest line in the park. Even my food service was pleasant and that says a lot. I think this is the season they got everything together.
  11. ^^ I disagree with you there. Its the roughest boomerang I've been on. It's also one of the oldest ones and being relocated twice has taken a toll on it too.
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