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  1. Man falls to death from Mount Olympus balcony. http://www.wkow.com/story/36457177/2017/09/26/man-falls-to-death-from-mt-olymlus-balcony--in-lake-delton
  2. Anybody going to Six Flags Great America solo today? I am looking for a ride buddy from opening until 01:30 P.M. If so hit me up with a private message and we can exchange phone numbers.
  3. Goliath. Nothing to hold on to for drop. Very fun. You will love it
  4. Just got back. We arrived late at 10:50 a.m. There was a HUGE line for early entry off to the right. LIFE HACK: We took the general entrance left of the early entry line. It was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay shorter. Line were short for the first few hours as people were still trying to get in. Around 12:00 p.m. Goliath was ( 60 ) minute wait according to sign and V2 ( 30 ) minutes. It seemed like the lines were much shorter by American Eagle as evidently a lot of people just started forming lines on rides located near the park entrance. It was okay. We'll probably go a few hours when they open tomorrow and leave when it gets (if) too busy again.
  5. If you live by Wisconsin Dells try Timber Falls Adventure Park and ride Hellcat for unlimited rides for $29.99 according to their website. In 2014 I sent them an e-mail requesting to be allowed to ride more than what at the time was ( 5 ) times for a bracelet. They charged us only $19.99 and we rode it ( 30 ) times. After that our bodies hurt too much because it is a very intense (ie. rough, but fun!) roller coaster. There was no wait and at the end of the night they were running full ( 12 ) people trains. It was sweet. On the top of the lifthill you get a great view to your left of Wisconsin Dells downtown. Did Zippin Pippin 18 times in a day.
  6. L-U-C-K-Y. Sounds awesome. Looking forward to hearing your updates with Koch family and Alabama Splash Adventure.
  7. Better than nothing! I'm looking forward to checking it out. Saw the one at SFSTL, but didn't get to ride it. Indiana Beach has so much potential. Even in it's recent state (2014, 2015) I really enjoyed my time there. Except their "world's best tacos". The worst tacos I've ever had and yeah......I've eaten a lot of tacos
  8. The Boss isn't open yet Yeah. It was too cold for them to run it yesterday. Too bad. Later this year
  9. When they opened lines were short. It's been picking up. Rode American Thunder, Mr. Freeze, Screemin' Eagle (2x), Swings, The Joker, Ninja. Should be able to finish off with Batman and hopefully The Boss. Great day.
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