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  1. Visited the park today! Thanks to everyone who responded about my assigned seating question. They actually assigned me to the front row multiple times because there were no crowds but it's still good in every row. Here is my trip report. Where to begin holy heck this park is amazing. Probably my favorite park I've ever visited mainly for one thing. The staff. The workers here were the friendliest, most efficient, most lenient of any park I have ever been to. But I'll dedicate a paragraph later to that. Crowds: What crowds lol everything including fury was a walk on all day. There was an hour of delay for rain when all the rides were closed but that's ok because I still got so many rides. Food: Dippin dots and Pulled pork sandwich at harmony hall. The food here was some of the best I've had at any park and the nice people serving at the bbq station at harmony hall were fantastic! (praising the staff again lol) Prices were high, but what can you expect, a better price than Six Flags. Overall probably tied with canobie and bgw for food. Staff: Easily the best staff at any park I've ever encountered, even Disney and Universal. The first thing that struck me was the friendliness of everyone. When I walked in I was greeted by a bunch of very enthusiastic people dancing around to the Carolina themed music and saying hello. They were very efficient too, dispatches were so fast. And Fury had no line all day, still running 3 trains. Shits all over Six "One train" Flags. Like I was just walking down the midway and a team member asked me if I needed help with anything. At canobie we are supposed to answer but we never really go out of our way to ask so that was great. Also a few people just waved at me walking down, never happened at Six Flags. One op at intimidator was saying the spiels so well you'd assume they were prerecorded. Also, lots of European staff on the rides and they were all great. Furys team was also fantastic. But really words alone can't explain how great the staff is here. The main reason why this is my new favorite park. I was in the park 10-7:30 Ride Count (no fast lane believe it or not) Fury: 15x Intimidator: 5x Afterburn: 3x Drop Tower, Nighthawk, Whitewater Falls, Carolina Cobra, Carolina Cyclone, Carolina Goldrusher, Hurler, Ricochet, Scream weaver, Southern Star, Vortex, Wind seeker, Yoyo, Sky tower, Boo blasters, Plants v zombies, dodgem: 1x all Coaster Reviews: Ricochet: your better than average wild mouse, nothing special nonetheless 3/10 Hurler: A fun woodie with some nice airtime, a little rough but nothing bad 5/10 Carolina Cobra: The best (second) boomerang I've been on, vest restraints eliminate headbanging but for a broad shouldered person like me they hurt a bit 5/10 Carolina Cyclone: Unexpectedly very fun, awkward tight trains but no headbanging, very forceful loops. 6/10 Carolina Goldrusher: Small fun ride 5/10 Vortex: I'm in the minority but I love a good stand up. This one was very smooth until the corkscrew but still pretty fun. 6/10 Nighthawk: Closed at the beginning of the day but later opened. Really strange ride experience but I liked it. It was all right but a bit rough. Not as good as B&M flyers, but more forceful. 6/10 Afterburn: Probably my favorite invert. Forceful all around, the dive loop probably the most forceful element I've ever encountered on a ride. 7/10 Intimidator: This is a really fun ride depending on where you sit. Front row provides some good air and speed, but if you want those traditional B&M airtime camelbacks, ride middle. Even with trims, you are out of your seat for all of those hills. Pretty forceful first drop and 1st turn. 8/10 Fury 325: Holy heck this is everything I loved about leviathan and more. I usually grey out on first drops but this is the first time I have actually blacked out. I could not see for a second at all. This has actual ejector hills, sustained. These airtime hills are what Superman should be. The first drop is amazing. If you're in the front you just feel like floating for a good 5 seconds and if you're in the back you're floating and for a split second it whips you out of your seat. But both are great. The fronts speed absolutely hits you and it is magical. The bottom of the drop is probably the most force I've ever experienced. The banked turn is also very forceful. The S curves actually whip you, giving slight airtime, and the treble turnaround gives you sideways airtime which is kind of unique and indescribable. The airtime hills are short but they each give about 3 seconds of sustained ejector. In each seat. Every seat in this ride is the best. I slightly prefer front but they're all great. One more I do have is that if you're not in the first 2-3 rows the train rattles but who gives a poop it's the best ride in the world. The crew was also fantastic. So fast and for the most part they accommodated seat requests. At the most dead points they just didn't assign at all and let people ride twice in a row if the row in the line was empty. Two crew members stood out though, Both had European accents. Ones name I never saw but he was balding and had either a Spanish or french accent. He let people go to the front row when a grouper and as an attendant he had the mic and was so enthusiastic it was great. Another one was Merlin (or something similar to that). As the line attendant he was great and I saw him a bunch of times and I was even waiting for the rain to end in the gift shop and he walked past and said "How's it going" and that just shows how great Carowinds staff is. Fury 325 is my new #1 10/10
  2. And that year of coasters could all be Larson Loops!! Imagine having dueling Larson Loopers... INTERLOCKING dueling Larson Loopers!
  3. You're not missing anything. Canobie Lake is a lovely little park and Yankee Cannonball is a perfectly average ride with a nice classic feel but Canobie fans are absolutely delusional and living in a fantasy world with the way they talk about Yankee Cannonball. The ride was fantastic before this years retracking. It made the ride so much smoother, but really other than that it doesnt have much going for it anymore. It got rid of the airtime (which before, there was airtime over every hill)
  4. Sweet! Thanks for all of your answers. I was mainly concerned about front row because Leviathan was a front row ride 100% and I love the wind from the speed.
  5. I will be visiting Carowinds this Thursday and I have a few questions. (I'll most likely be using a Fast Lane Plus unless there are minimal crowds) I heard somewhere that Fury 325 has assigned seating. Is that still the case? And do any other rides have it? If so, what's the best way of guaranteeing a front row ride?
  6. B&M: Hypers Arrow: Suspended Intamin: Prefab woodies Vekoma: Giant Inverted Boomerang Gerstlauer: Eurofighter RMC: I-Box Zierer: Multi-Launch Premium: Multi-Launch Huss: Frisbee Chance: Wipeout Zamperla: Disko S&S: Double Shot
  7. Absolutely true. The person below me hates B&M's.
  8. Wicked Cyclone was definitely really good, but it wasn't as good as I expected it to be. My first ride was just meh, there weren't many good airtime moments, and I got zero airtime after the second zero g roll. And this was in the back. Luckily my second ride made up for it, but it definitely wasn't what everyone hyped it out to be at media day. I feel like everything WC does, El Toro does bigger and better (except for the inversions).
  9. Looks like a kick-ass coaster. Can't wait to ride it! Personally, I don't think this necessarily needs airtime. Leviathan has 2 camelbacks, and it's my no. 1 overall. Looks like it makes good use of the speed and definitely looks like a top 5 coaster!
  10. Bermuda and Williamsburg, VA are my two favorite places in the world.
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