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Best Drops....

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This thread makes me really sad that Cyclops had it's "DROP" reprofiled. I rode it last year in the back row and it honestly didn't seem intense at all, so I guess that's no longer a thing that exists :/.


Exactly. I haven't been back since they re-profiled the drop AND added the standard (not as fun) PTC (Nurse) ratchet bars. I want to remember it how it was. They moved the ledgers on that drop a few inches here and there, and it's reported to be a much tamed-down drop.


A few inches here and there is all it takes, I've experienced GCIs work on HWs legend (the snap on the first drop is gone) and Yankee Cannonball (nearly all airtime is gone), and I can confirm a few inches is all it takes to completely neutralize some previously great airtime. I don't know who did the Cyclops work, but the process is similar.

It can sometimes be the opposite, too. When the Great White at Morey's Piers was almost entirely re-tracked last year, the airtime moments were definitely more noticeable, intense pops of air than before.

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There are a few that I like in relation to the ride as a whole / environment, but the standout for me is Twister Colossus in the back seat. I liked NTAG's first drop for similar reasons. I also agree with others that SFMM's Apocalypse has a great first drop (perfectly pitched and positioned within the structure). I also loved Diamondback's first drop, but the drops on some smaller rides like the Blackpool Wild Mouse are memorable for me as well.


Curious if those who have ridden both see any parallels between Skyrush's first drop and the over-the-loop drop on Füll Throttle? Both are kind of meh to me, and I think it has something to do with the extended curve into an almost-vertical position. Both feel more like being tipped / thrown than actually falling. The RMC drops have a similar ejection effect but produce more of a distinct plummeting feeling for me.

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Skyrush's first drop in the back left wing seat is unreal. I've never been so scared on a roller coaster in my life. El Toro's Rolling Thunder hill in the back seat is insane as well.


Also, Millennium Force, Fahrenheit, Maverick, GateKeeper, Tatsu, X2, Twisted Colossus, and Wicked Cyclone are all honorable mentions. But nothing beats Skyrush.

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I'll agree with "THE DROP" on Cyclops. That whole park is a lead up to that particular coaster moment - the rest is....meh


Skyrush- first drop - don't know what it is, but about half way down, it decides that you would be better off somewhere in the middle of the pond or parking lot. I swear I thought it was trying to kill me. One of my favorites anywhere anytime.



In the front row, you crest over the lift hill, begin your descent, and the instant the back of the train crests the lift hill you plummet downwards. In the back, you crest over and it's like a 200ft freefall. It's phenomenal.

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  • 8 months later...
... the best drops on ANY ride. Coaster or not.


Well, in that case...


Zumanjaro wins this topic for me.


Holy shit. That drop seriously seems like it goes on for days... Like, you get to the point you literally don't think your body can handle falling ank ther second, and thankfully that's about the moment you glide into the brakes!!


Best. Drop. Ever.

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Intimidator 305 - flung into an almost endless freefall that contrasts nicely with the rest of the ride focusing on powerful positive G's.

Fahrenheit - bigger than many of the other beyond-vertical drops in the US, so the beyond-vertical moment really hits home. HangTime and the New Jersey Nickelodeon Takabisha Clone will be worthy challengers.

Renegade - Can't argue with an S-curve drop.


Honorable mention to InvadR for catching me completely off guard.

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American Eagle - not much airtime but very epic.

Conneaut Lake Blue Streak 2nd drop - everyone goes on about the first drop but the second drop is even more wicked.

Raging Bull first drop.

Cyclops “the drop” AND the first drop. Haven’t been back since buzzbars were taken out.


Anything unique gets my attention. Also, I tend to go for airtime were you actually get to leave the seat. So a lot of the newer super steep super intense stuff doesn’t really do it for me... but it’s still fun. Riverside (SFNE) Cyclone and Georgia Cyclone (1990-92, before reprofiling) were incredible first drops.


Non-coaster wise those smaller drop towers at Knoebels, Waldameer and Santa’s Village (what’s that manufacturer?). Those are awesome and terrifying!

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Some of the most memorable ones for me:


- The last four drops on Phoenix. Holy crap.

- The drop out of the station on Mystery Mine

- El Toro's first drop and Skull Mountain's airtime drop in the back seat

- Skyrush's first drop

- The twist into the first drop on X-Flight and Gatekeeper

- Maverick's first drop, but also all beyond vertical drops

- Pretty much every first drop on every RMC, but especially Outlaw Run's.

- X2's headfirst first drop.

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... - King's Island drop tower


I gotta know... What makes KI's Drop Tower so great?? I've seen it mentioned in here a few times...


I personally prefer the one at Kings Dominion, but they are both fantastic. They’re my favorite drop towers not including Lex Luthor/Zumanjaro.


The KD one has a slightly longer drop with the mag brakes farther down the tower. I can’t remember which one is actually taller, but KD’s feels taller.

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... - King's Island drop tower


I gotta know... What makes KI's Drop Tower so great?? I've seen it mentioned in here a few times...


This drop tower has a 'ring' of seats around it rather than separate 'sections'. And there's like 40 seats on this thing. Which means a lot of mass dropping at once. It's not the overall fastest (or tallest) drop, but it pulls you down like a freakin' anvil.


KD's tower is similar, but the seats protrude farther from the centre than KI's, which causes more wind resistance on the way down, so it's not as forceful.

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