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  1. The funny thing is that while you're joking you're still overestimating the wait times by a full 2 trains. I've been going to Dorney since I was a kid (mostly on weekends) and have never seen a 2 train wait for Hydra in my life. The Hydra queue is almost always empty. Even on weekends, the line is never past the staircase. However, I was there on a Sunday this year and somehow the line was going down the first switchback. Now that's something you don't see every day!
  2. Looks like two solid additions for the Boardwalk! I haven't spent any time over there before, but I might consider going to the water park with the new water coaster. Watched the announcement stream off of Hersheypark's FB page and immediately after the announcement several people began to complain that the new water coaster is "not a real rollercoaster". That's enthusiasts for you I guess.
  3. What if Dorney is the first "workout amusement park"? Think about it: - Giant hills to walk up and down - Magnetic gates that must be pushed open (as opposed to air gates) - Tons of empty switchbacks to run up and down - No-reride policy (you have to walk back around to the front and walk through the queue to reride)
  4. That gave me an idea! What if Hersheypark held a Skyrush ERT event at night where they run the lift at full speed? That'd be awesome!
  5. Skyrush does seem to slow down at the top more than it did last year. That being said, the ride is still amazing.
  6. Does anyone have recommendations for food inside the park? Looking for a good place to have lunch during an upcoming visit without leaving the park.
  7. That's really strange, but thanks for reinforcing my decision to stay away from coaster enthusiast events.
  8. According to this data, RMC Hurler should be around 111 feet, as long as the ground length of the lift remains the same.
  9. I didn't get to ride the smallest tower, but it appears to be an average Double Shot. Compared to Power Tower at Cedar Point, the other two are quite intense. Rode all 3 last week. The larger two provide a fun ride experience, with Reese's feeling more intense. Kisses tower felt like a tame version of Reese's, so I don't see the point in building it as I don't think many will ride that over the other two if they're afraid of heights. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk And to think a few months ago we thought Reese's was going to be the pointless one! I think it fits nicely with the "Choose your thrill" theme that they're going for. The Hershey kisses tower provides a tamer ride along with the shorter height, the Reese's one is taller with a stronger launch, and the Hershey tower is taller still with the added drop and height.
  10. That would be nice, but they've been hyping next year's addition too much. It's gotta be a coaster. Personally, I think a spinning coaster would compliment their lineup very well. It's a fun family coaster that many people will enjoy. This will be a great addition to the coaster they received last year.
  11. ^ With all that space, they have enough room to put in a T-Rex coaster. Heck, they could possibly cram a Raptor in Boomerang's old spot alone. Besides, if a T-Rex or Raptor RMC is what Knott's is getting next year, I'm 100% sure they've already found a way to fit it in.
  12. I've read this question several times and still have no idea what you're trying to say. I'm sure that if you wrote in his native language, he would not understand you either. This is true. I'm not familiar with the Italian language, and I'm sure if I tried to speak it, it would come off as a garbled mess. My apologies, Livai
  13. Sad to see the flume go. It was one of the few good rides at La Ronde, so this leaves Le Batman: The Ride, La Goliath, and maybe the new La Frisbee. I've read this question several times and still have no idea what you're trying to say.
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