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  1. The original Corkscrew coaster at Knott's Berry Farm! Rode it in 1989. It was also my second looping coaster I rode (Montezuma being the first!).
  2. Agreed, AJ. Since the Nickelodeon take over the park has been very, very generous to thrill seekers. I think a Paw Patrol play area will be a nice addition. Plus if these rumors about a coaster being built over the arcade come to be, they could still have the ride run through the area above the Paw Patrol area.
  3. "The Drop" on Cyclops. Rode it with the buzz bar in the back seat and that was the only moment on any roller coaster where I felt I was going to fly out of the train. Such an amazing coaster moment.
  4. As long as there is no precipitation, all Haunt attractions should be open tonight! My make-up call time is 2pm and haven't heard anything about the park being closed. Bundle up and come out! Us scare actors always put in 110% on the final evening!
  5. Oh yeah I definitely remember that one. What about the new ones? Any of them stand out? The ones I remember was London Terror, Camp Weikilo, and Hillside Farms... How are their replacements? Hey there! I work at the park as a scare actor and can give you the rundown on the newer mazes. Beserkers Unleashed. MUCH better than last year! It's a traditional walk through with zombie-like vikings. There are some cool special effects rooms there. Dark Harvest. This is the maze I work at. Usually I'm running the front door. I'm holding the naked, satanic baby. Very hard to miss! It's similar to Hellside Farm but in a new location and about 2x as long! I'm biased cause it's my maze, but it is quite good! Depending on how long it's been since your last visit, Human(e) Habitat and Zombie High might be new to you. Human(e) is really good. They have some great scare set ups. Zombie High is really fun, although not too scary. They have great set pieces! Because of the lovely weather and MEA I would recommend a Fast Pass/Skeleton Key if you can afford it. There are special rooms just for Skeleton Key holders (A Drag Queen fortune teller that is hysterical, a secret room in Zombie High, a few Wild West themed attractions and the Skeleton Key room for Human(e) Habitat is the scariest thing in the park (that is, if you hate total darkness). If you see me with my dolly be sure to say "Hi"!
  6. Like last year, they will probably have the ride completely constructed soon so as to avoid construction in our lovely MN winters!
  7. First time I visited Cedar Point was 1996, and Raptor's wait was 2 hours. Mantis on the other hand...oh boy...it was opening year for that beast. The wait was LONG! Since people are discussing insane wait times, I'm curious as to the longest reported wait time you've seen/heard for a ride at Cedar Point?
  8. Speaking as a scare actor from a Cedar Fair park (Valleyfair), there is constant staffing issues for Haunt. Every night it seems there are a handful of actors who get moved from one maze to another just to keep it staffed. Our park is very close to two major cities and we still never fill all positions, so I can't even imagine how Cedar Point manages to get the seasonal help they need for their Haunt. I'd at least hope they compensate gas for employees driving from major cities. On a side note, it's been great hearing people's opinions on Cedar Point Haunt vs. KI Haunt. I'd like to go to one eventually and I think I'm now sold on KI. Mark
  9. Fortunately the mazes here at Valleyscare don't have the fog machines right in the maze. They funnel the fog through tubes or have them on the outside of the maze and let the fog waft in throughout the night. I'll check with the scare zone actors to see if this is an issue. That's such a stupid thing for kids to do, but would inhaling that much fog be bad for your health?
  10. Will, The first few weekends are pretty slow so you'd be OK without one. If you go in one of the last 3 weekends (ESPECIALLY MEA weekend) you'll definitely want a Fast Lane.
  11. Nice TR! Sorry you didn't care for Dark Harvest. That's the maze I work in, although on opening night I was up at the front gate taking tickets and roaming (I was carrying the doll). There were two of us from Dark Harvest at the front taking tickets, so that probably left a couple spaces empty in the maze. I do agree we need more props, but unfortunately corporate stepped in and isn't allowing outside props this year. Many of us are upset and pushing back against this, so hopefully they'll ease this restriction later this season.
  12. While at a promotional event this weekend I got the OK from Todd, one of the heads of Valleyscare, to share information on what's going on at Valleyscare this Fall. NO SPOILERS below. Just basic info about themes/costumes/locations/names. SCARE ZONES: Trails End: Still in the same spot by Renegade. New costumes this year. Carnevil: In the same zone as last year. Costumes are amazing. White suits with spatters of blood. Lots of prosthetics and masks used this year instead of face makeup. Blood Creek Cemetery: Same zone as last year. MAZES: Zombie High: Same spot, 90's Theme this year Chateau: Same spot, same theme Mr. Cleaver: Same spot, same theme Humane Habitat: Same spot, same theme *NEW* Beserkers Unleashed: Gone are the theatrics! This will be a traditional walk through attraction with jump scares. It's using the same location but will be a single path. Should be a huge improvement. *NEW* Dark Harvest: This is replacing Hellside Farm! The maze will be moving to the woods behind Beserkers and Humane Habitat. They already have the area all paved. The farm theme will remain the same, but the maze will be larger, more twisted and in a nice, dark isolated location. Should be the highlight this year (I'm scare actor there, so I'm biased!) The scare zone that was under Corkscrew (sorry, forgot the name), will be replaced with Pumpkin Promenade. A large display of carved/lit pumpkins. Should look cool at night and be a great photo spot. No scares there. Can't wait to scare the crap out of some of you this fall! (I'll be the one with the creepy doll, so say "hi" ) Mark
  13. I think this addition gives us a good indication that 2019 will be the Soak City expansion and that Looping Star Ship will go away to make space for said expansion. Delirium and Star Ship are very similar, motions-wise, but Delirium is much shinier and updated, and I'd assume less maintenance-heavy. I'm happy to take any rides. I'm sure it will ride great and look awesome at night. PS: If anyone is heading to the St. Paul Saints game this Saturday watch out for Valleyscare zombies!
  14. Thanks for the heads up, Robb! I'll just keep patiently smashing my refresh button tomorrow awaiting the announcement!
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