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  1. Absolutely crushed by this announcement. Tree Topper has for a long time been one of my most seeked out coasters on Earth. I was going to make the trip in 2020 but unfortunately instead we're seeing the 6th closure of a classic wooden in the past few months
  2. Tusenfryd on August 7th! And then I will have Liseberg, Kolmarden, and Grona Lund in the following days.
  3. I was there on Tuesday for the first time and Comet was open the day (great ride might I add!). Unfortunately it's one of the only good rides at the park. Many rides were closed for me though, including Extreme Supernova, Alpine Bobsleds, and Condor. I would recommend getting Flashback out of the way first as the queue is very slow and it is close to the front of park. Apart from that queues are normally short. I must say, the park has a great atmosphere and appearance compared to other SF parks though.
  4. And this is why B&M isn't a top tier manufacturer for me. They have no creativity and never push the boundaries. It's all well and good that they've experimented some with rider orientation/seating but the layouts are bland for the most part. Admittedly I haven't been on one of B&Ms best like Fury or Nemesis but I don't have a single B&M in my top 10 personally. I consider Intamin, Mack, RMC, and Gravity Group to all be much better manufacturers, and soon Vekoma as well.
  5. I'm there from August 8th to 10th... Hopefully it's open by then!!
  6. Solely based off of my experiences *note: haven't been to CP since SV Here are some notable top 2's 1) Superman The Ride (4), Wicked Cyclone (5) = 9 2) Skyrush (3), Storm Runner (10) = 13 3) Maverick (2), Millennium Force (14) = 16 4) Time Traveler (8), Outlaw Run (9) = 17 5) El Toro (6), Nitro (13) = 19 6) Boulder Dash (1), Phobia (19) = 20
  7. Hi everyone! I'm making a trip to Norway, Sweden, and England this August, so naturally Kolmarden is one of the parks on my itinerary. Most of the parks that I'm visiting are either in or at a close proximity of a major city. Kolmarden is a little over 30 kilometers from Norrkoping, however I cannot find any train or bus tickets that go directly to the park. Are tickets available to travel by train/bus directly to the park from Norrkoping? If so, what sites? If not, what is the best option for getting to the park with public transportation. Thank you!
  8. The big ones on my bucket list are definitely: Helix DC Rivals Lightning Rod Wildfire Expedition GeForce Flash Steel Vengeance Wood Coaster Jungle Dragon Python in Bamboo Forest Mega Lite Icon Superman Escape iSpeed/Red Fire T Express Some random ones that I just really want to ride: Wild West Mine Train (Ocean Park) Yukon Quad Wild Train
  9. Really can't understand such high praise for El Toro or Outlaw Run. Both are awesome rides, but El Toro at 1 and Outlaw Run at 4 for wooden coasters? I see Toro as a borderline top 10 wooden coaster and OR as nowhere near top 10 honestly, as I was very underwhelmed by it (maybe night rides would have changed that).
  10. I visited SDC for the first time on Friday, and I can't understand why there isn't more hype for Time Traveler! Back row is an amazing ride, with one of the best first drops out there. Powder Keg was also a very pleasant surprise!
  11. Time Traveler on Friday. It was my first time at SDC and it blew away my expectations!
  12. For anyone that has been to Tusenfryd. I am planning a trip to the park in June and was wondering what reliable forms of public transportation that there are from Oslo to Tusenfryd. I have looked online but I can't find anyone bookable tickets by bus or train. Thank you.
  13. How much more work must be done on the tunnel before we see more track work? Is the tunnel almost done?
  14. Do we have a time table as to when Thundercoaster will open back up again after the renovation? Will it open for the season when the rest of the park does? I am planning to visit the park in June and I really don't want to miss out on the credit as it seems like a pretty good layout! For anyone that's been on it, what does Thundercoaster offer in terms of airtime?
  15. The same as my favorite overall. After getting 24 rides in 4 hours this Sunday, it's Boulder Dash!
  16. I've honestly found the opposite with Twitter (which is why I no longer use it). Most of what I see is people complaining and ranting about their lives. It may just be the people that I followed, but it just had such a negative vibe. And in my opinion Snapchat is by far the easiest to converse with others on (much easier than Twitter), which is its main feature. As for my favorites, definitely Instagram and Snapchat. I like that Instagram is geared towards photography and posting photos as well as having an easy interface that allows for group messaging and direct messaging. Snapchat is pretty much just another form of texting for me, but I like the idea of sending messages with pictures.
  17. Doesn't mean it's a terrible list, just means that you don't know enough coasters
  18. I'm doing it for research and because the ranking of coasters has always interested me. I understand that it takes a lot of time and effort, but because it is something I enjoy a lot, I don't mind devoting time to it
  19. Hi everyone! I am currently working on research to determine a list of the best roller coasters on Earth. To do so I have developed a new polling system. I have devised a list of potentially world class rides below. From that list you select the ones that you have ridden and rank them in order from best to worst. The calculation will be based upon how amny of these roller coasters that you have ridden. If you have been on 50 from the list, your number one will receive 50/50, second will receive 49/50, and so on. Each coaster's average score will determine its ranking and wooden and steel roller coasters will be ranked together. Helix Maverick Lightning Rod Wildfire (Kolmarden) Skyrush Flash Boulder Dash Superman The Ride Expedition GeForce Intimidator 305 Fury 325 Taron Lech Coaster Voyage T Express Red Fire/iSpeed Medusa Steel Coaster Goliath (WH) Wicked Cyclone Mega Lite clones Wood Coaster Shambhala Python in Bamboo Forest Superman Escape Iron Rattler Leviathan Nemesis Coaster Through The Clouds Schwur Des Karnan El Toro (SFGAdv) Extreme Rusher S&S Bullet Clones Jungle Trailblazer (Oriental Heritage Wuhu) Soaring with Dragon Blue Fire clones Storm Chaser New Texas Giant Behemoth Goliath (SFOG) Mako Dodonpa (original version) Outlaw Run Jungle Trailblazer (Fantawild Dreamland) Katun Montu Anaconda (Gold Reef) Flying Dinosaur Cannibal Formula Rossa Pyrenees Black Mamba Balder Diamondback Speed Monster Lightning Run Dauling Dragon Fjord Flying Dragon Joker (SFDK) Steel Dragon 2000 Lost Gravity Star Trek Operation Enterprise Storm Runner Jungle Trailblazer (Oriental Heritage Jinan, Oriental Heritage Ningbo Cixi) Silver Star Starry Sky Ripper CuChullainn Colossos Full Throttle Cheetah Hunt Coaster (PNE) Phoenix Takabisha Tornado (Sarkanniemi) Atlantis Adventure Phaethon Twisted Colossus Powder Keg Flying Aces Phantom's Revenge Nitro Apollo's Chariot OzIris Nefeskesen Afterburn Wodan Mystic Timbers Millennium Force Top Thrill Dragster Kingda Ka Talon Intimidator Furius Baco Tron Banshee Tatsu Manta (SWO) Flug Der Daemonen Thunderbird Gatekeeper Ride of Steel Superman Ride of Steel Manta (SWSD) Red Force XCelerator Ravine Flyer II Goliath (SFGAm) Shock Zaturn/Stealth Troy Fahrenheit Hair Raiser Smiler Raven Shivering Timbers Parrot Coaster Superman Krypton Coaster Eejanaika X2 Dinoconda Kumba Raging Bull Hulk Steel Force Skyrocket II Clones Mamba Wild Thing Thunder Dolphin Silver Bullet Magnum XL 200 Junker Anubis Gold Striker Prowler Renegade Griffon Valravn Skeikra Oblivion The Black Hole Volcano Roar-o-saurus Wooden Warrior Dragon Khan Hair Raiser Kraken Mr. Freeze clones Phaethon Joris en de Draak Tonnere de Zeus Gold Rush Legend Thunderhead Dive Coaster Diving Coaster Thank you all for helping out!
  20. Tough to decide between my top 2, Maverick at Cedar Point and Boulder Dash. Both are phenomenal, pure fun rides. Maverick has great variety and riders never feel the same forces throughout the layout. The airtime is varied, with quick pops of ejector, sustained ejector, and some floater. There are also great laterals, positive Gs, and an awesome launch. The landscaping is also exquisite and helps to improve the ride experience. Boulder Dash doesn't have the stats on its side but it is probably the most fun ride I have ever been on... Even the lift hill is a blast! The airtime seems to get better and better throughout the ride leading up to a series of reprofiled hills. The entire return trip is an onslaught of airtime as the ride never seems to slow down. The first half races in close proximity to the trees and boulders, making the ride feel faster while delivering phenomenal laterals and a couple good airtime moments. Just an awesome ride!
  21. 14 (Counting Lightning Racer as two) In order of best to worst: 1) Boulder Dash 2) El Toro 3) Phoenix 4) Lightning Racer (Lightning) 5) Lightning Racer (Thunder) 6) Twister - Knoebels 7) Comet - Hersheypark 8) Blue Streak - Cedar Point 9) Wildcat - Hersheypark 10) Wildcat - Lake Compounce 11)Yankee Cannonball 12) Thunderbolt - SFNE 13) Flying Turns 14) Mean Streak
  22. Boulder Dash for sure! My number two coaster, but one that I can ride again and again and will never get old. Also, some of the best night rides ever.
  23. I'm counting anything between 200-299 as a hyper in this case. 1) Skyrush 2) Superman The Ride 3) Nitro 4) Magnum XL-200 5) Valravn 6) Wicked Twister
  24. Oh my gosh! It looks like Boulder Dash is running really well. That first redone airtime hill looks fantastic! Can't wait to get back to Lake Compounce in May.
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