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  1. I'm taking my one year old to Hershey Park as soon as it opens. If she passes the test, then Disney World
  2. So I was just playing around with my Scrabble set and tried to come up with coaster names, leaving as few letters behind as possible. I was left with 7 letters. Blanks not allowed. Can you beat that?
  3. I have similar feelings for Skyrush. It's such a frustrating ride for me because it could easily be a top 5 ride if it weren't for how uncomfortable the restraints are. During a Hershey visit I would rather marathon Storm Runner or Fahrenheit. The lapbar piece or have you not been on Maverick with the solf shoulder straps? I meant the lap bar on Skyrush was uncomfortable. I never minded Maverick's restraints, although the addition of the soft shoulder straps did make a noticable difference in terms of ride comfort. If Skyrush put in standard 2x2 Intamin trains, it'd be one of my favourites for sure.
  4. I have similar feelings for Skyrush. It's such a frustrating ride for me because it could easily be a top 5 ride if it weren't for how uncomfortable the restraints are. During a Hershey visit I would rather marathon Storm Runner or Fahrenheit.
  5. My CP favorites along with a frame of reference: 1. Steel Vengeance - - 2. Maverick 3. Dragster - 4. Millennium Force - - - - 5. Valravn - 6. Gatekeeper 7. Magnum XL Anything else is outside my top 50
  6. Just a thought - why shouldn't SeaWorld acquire Marineland, and rebrand it as SeaWorld/Busch Gardens Niagara? Given every factor imaginable, it makes sense. Stranger things have happened in the amusement park industry is all.
  7. A little game, here are how my rankings look compared to the results: Wood 1. Lightning Rod - Dollywood (2) 2. El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure (1) 3. Outlaw Run - Silver Dollar City (4) 4. Wildfire - Kolmården (NR) 5. T Express - Everland (NR) 6. Phoenix - Knoebels Amusement Park and Resort (6) 7. Voyage - Holiday World & Splashin' Safari (5) 8. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce (3) 9. Colossos Kampf der Giganten - (NR) 10. Balder - Liseberg (NR) 11. Coaster - Playland (NR) 12. Ravine Flyer II - Waldameer Water World (10) 13. Goliath - Six Flags Great America (7) 14. Wooden Coaster Fireball - Happy Valley Shanghai (NR) 15. Mystic Timbers - Kings Island (14) 16. Shivering Timbers - Michigan's Adventure (8) 17. Mine Blower - Fun Spot Kissimmee (NR) 18. Renegade - Valleyfair (15) 19. Tremors - Silverwood (NR) 20. Gold Striker - California's Great America (NR) 21. GhostRider - Knott's Berry Farm (9) 22. Troy - Toverland (MR) 23. Prowler - Worlds of Fun (NR) 24. Wodan Timbur Coaster - (NR) 25. Cú Chulainn - Tayto Park (NR) Steel 1. Untamed - Walibi Holland (NR) 2. Steel Vengeance - Cedar Point (1) 3. Expedition GeForce - Holiday Park (NR) 4. Maverick - Cedar Point (9) 5. Medusa Steel Coaster - Six Flags Mexico (NR) 6. Twisted Timbers - Kings Dominion (2) 7. Skyrush - Hersheypark (40-50ish) 8. Taron - Phantasialand (NR) 9. DC Rivals Hypercoaster - Warner Bros. Movie World (NR) 10. Helix - Liseberg (NR) 11. Fury 325 - Carowinds (16) 12. Twisted Colossus - Six Flags Magic Mountain (17) 13. Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion (6) 14. Millennium Force - Cedar Point (15) 15. RailBlazer - California's Great America (NR) 16. Intamin Mega Lite coasters - various parks (NR) 17. Flying Dinosaur - Universal Studios Japan (NR) 18. Lech Coaster - Legendia (NR) 19. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster - Six Flags Fiesta Texas (NR) 20. Twisted Cyclone - Six Flags Over Georgia (NR) 21. Wicked Cyclone - Six Flags New England (8) 22. Storm Chaser - Kentucky Kingdom (4) 23. Goliath - Walibi Holland (NR) 24. New Texas Giant - Six Flags Over Texas (13) 25. Superman the Ride - Six Flags New England (3)
  8. 300+ coasters later, and I thought that this was going to be my life from now on. It's not the end. It's only the beginning ♡
  9. Here's what I would do first without a flash pass: 1. Full Throttle 2. X2 3. West Coast Racers 4. Superman
  10. Have the wait times gotten any better this month? We were planning a trip for next January.
  11. In all fairness, the wooden list looks more reasonable than the steel list. If Beast and Goliath were to simply trade spots and some reshuffling, the top 10 wood would actually look not that bad.
  12. The fact that it's not a B&M, or because it cracked the top 50?
  13. My Updated Rankings: 1. Cedar Point 2. Knott's 3. King's Dominion 4. King's Island 5. Carowinds 6. Canada's Wonderland 7. Dorney 8. Valleyfair 9. Michigan's Adventure
  14. 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. - Superman the Ride, Storm Chaser, Lightning Run 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? - 15? 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? - CP 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)? - Steel Vengeance 5. What ride exceeded your expectations the most in 2018? - Twisted Timbers. Spongebob was up there too. 6. Best meal/food at a park in 2018? - Boysenberry punch at Knotts!!! 7. What was your favorite new coaster of 2018 NOT made by RMC or Larson? - Does re-tracked Ghostrider count?? 8. Name one park you will definitely visit in 2019. - Wonderland 9. Best ride themed to a bird? - Phoenix 10. Lamest ride/coaster you rode in 2018? - the NY NY Death Machine 11. What roller coaster currently sits at the top of your bucketlist? (degree of difficulty: NOT a new-for-2019 ride) - GeForce 12. What new-for-2019 ride or coaster are you most looking forward to? - Maxx Force 13. Name the first totally middle-of-the-road (not bad/not great) park that comes to mind. - Dorney 14. You're in Orlando and magically have a 1-hour ERT session on 1 coaster of your choice at any park in the city. You choose... - Mako 15. Holiday In The Park vs. Winterfest. Who reigns supreme? - Been to neither 16. Mystic Timbers mystery shed or Wicker Man fire infusion? - the Shed 17. Which Six Flags have you been to most recently? - Great Adventure 18. Intamin or Schwarzkopf? You may only choose one. - Intamin, no contest 19. Battle of Kings Coasters: Island or Dominion? Pick one. - Dominion 20. What was the longest you waited for a ride/coaster in 2018? - I didn't time it, but Steel Vengeance with one train was riDONculous 21. What roller coaster have you ridden more than any other? - probably Behemoth 22. Best drop tower under 150 feet? - the middle one at Hershey? 23. Maverick or Millennium Force? (If you haven't been to CP, pick what you want to ride more) - Maverick 24. Log flumes or sky rides? You can only choose one. - Sky rides I guess 25. What are 3 things you enjoying doing at your home park other than riding rides? - grabbing a beer - eating a pretzel - killing linejumpers in my head 26. What is your second favorite Cedar Fair park and why? - Knotts for atmosphere alone... and the Boysenberry punch 27. What is your home park and give us two good reasons why we should pay it a visit. - Canadas Wonderland. Leviathan and Behemoth are two solid world class coasters, but if you've already been to Carowinds, no need to bother. 28. Launch or Lift? - Launch... if MF or I305 had a launch section, automatic top two. 29. Did you buy fast pass at all in 2018? - No, I get to the park before opening instead 30. What is your least favorite wooden coaster? - I dunno, the non-RavineFlyerII one at Waldameer? 31. Disney fanboys: cool or cult? - Cool! 32. Best Batman themed ride? - the Inverts, Dark Knight at SFNE is also decent 33. Name something that tend to take home from parks that you didn't bring with you. - park maps 34. Best wooden coaster over 110 feet tall? (rcdb will help you) - El Toro by a mile 35. Have you ever been hit with something (loose change/a tree/vomit/etc) while riding something? - no, but my restraint on Dominator unlocked on the lift hill one time. Fun. 36. Skywarps: credits or no? State your case. - don't know what those are 37. Turkey legs: nah or yaaaaassssss? - nah 38. What is the most recent B&M that you rode? -Levathan I guess 39. You can eat nothing but corn dogs, churros or funnel cake for the next 48 hours, which do you choose? - corndogs 40. Post a great on-ride shot of you from 2018. (DO IT!) - don't have one
  15. 1. Lightning Run 2. Phantom's Revenge 3. X2 4. Phoenix 5. Full Throttle 6. Steel Force 7. Magnum XL 8. Powder Keg 9. Verbolten 10. Skyrocket
  16. ^^Proximity at theme parks does not appear to be an issue from what I can tell..........
  17. A: Apollo's Chariot B: Boulder Dash C: Cheetah Hunt D: Diamondback E: El Toro F: Fury 325 G: Goliath (SFOG) H: Hydra The Revenge I: Intimidator 305 J: Jack Rabbit K: Kingda Ka L: Lightning Run M: Maverick N: New Texas Giant O: Outlaw Run P: Phantom's Revenge Q: R: Ride of Steel S: Steel Vengance T: Twisted Timbers U: V: Voyage W: Wicked Cyclone X: Xcelerator Y: Z: Zoomerang
  18. I rode I-305 in the dark for the first time earlier this year, and that first drop looks like you're just plummeting into a hole in the earth. It's really something else!
  19. My updated list: - Ontario: Leviathan - Quebec: Goliath - Alberta: Mindbender - New York: Ride of Steel - New Jersey: El Toro - Massachusetts: Superman The Ride - Connecticut: Boulder Dash - Maryland: Superman Ride of Steel - Virginia: Twisted Timbers - North Carolina: Fury 325 - South Carolina: Intimidator - Tennessee: Lightning Rod - Kentucky: Storm Chaser - Indiana: The Voyage - Missouri: Outlaw Run - Texas: New Texas Giant - Nevada: El Loco - Georgia: Goliath - Florida: Sheikra - California: Xcelerator - Illinois: Goliath - Michigan: Shivering Timbers - Ohio: Steel Vengeance - Pennsylvania: Phantom's Revenge - Wisconsin: Cyclops - Minnesota: Renegade
  20. My updated list: 1. Steel Vengeance 2. El Toro 3. Twisted Timbers 4. Superman The Ride 5. Storm Chaser 6. Lightning Run 7. I-305 8. Phantom's Revenge 9. Wicked Cyclone 10. Maverick
  21. Update: 1. KD: Twisted Timbers + I305 = 10 2. KK: Storm Chaser + Lightning Run = 11 2. CP: Steel Vengeance + Maverick = 11 4. SFNE: Superman + Wicked Cyclone = 13 5. SFGAvd: El Toro + Kingda Ka = 17 6. CP: Maverick + Dragster = 22
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