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  1. EDIT: forgot I posted here like three years ago. I've gone from hating Verbolten to being completely meh about it (but bitter such a meh ride replaced a legend). I now skip it every visit, but would give it another chance if they made an honest effort to make the show building not look like a Six Flags dumpster. Of course, I'd get excited if they do decide to pull the plug and replace it within the next five years.
  2. If it's a shuttle, hopefully the spikes will have something to distinguish them like a holding brake or a beyond-vertical angle.
  3. "Home" parks: Kings Dominion, Six Flags America, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg I've got two trips planned: NYC (Coney Island, Nick Universe, Great Adventure) and Florida (Busch Gardens Tampa, SeaWorld Orlando, Universal, the Fun Spots?). If I can drive to Dorney for a day trip, I can drive to Hershey for a day trip too. I have some American Airlines reward miles I want to use up. I think I'll return to Kings Island (also to make my Cedar Fair Platinum still worth it).
  4. My only concern is no more Coke Freestyle machine at SFA. I'll downgrade to gold plus from platinum if they don't have Diet Mountain Dew in the fountains. Then again, that building's usually closed anyway. 2 Things: 1- Mountain Dew is a Pepsi Production, Maybe your talking about Mello Yello? 2- Would not be against Baja Blast all over Six Flags. I love that stuff I knew Mountain Dew is Pepsi. I meant that if Diet Mountain Dew isn't in the fountains after the switch.
  5. My only concern is no more Coke Freestyle machine at SFA. I'll downgrade to gold plus from platinum if they don't have Diet Mountain Dew in the fountains. Then again, that building's usually closed anyway.
  6. If it's a wing coaster, I'll be happy. It'll probably be a more laid-back ride to complement the more dynamic I305 and TT. Theming/landscaping will make or break the ride. It needs to have the physical presence Volcano did. Seeing RailBlazer vs. Wonder Woman, I have faith in Cedar Fair.
  7. I will cancel my Six Flags membership and boycott the chain if the St. Louis Ninja outlives the Magic Mountain Ninja. Banshee is the Millennium Force of B&M inverts. Everything on a grand scale. There's a place for those, as well as the Raptors and Mavericks of the world. Say what you want about the vests, but Banshee doesn't have a view as badly obstructed in the middle seats as previous generation B&M inverts did.
  8. I was more agreeing with A.J. and RollerManic's points that this thrill focus is out of character for BGW. SWP&E used to be the balance between CF/SF thrills and Disney/Universal theming.
  9. I'm not exactly stoked for a Red Force type of coaster either. We already have Kingda Ka on the other side of the Mid-Atlantic. It's gotta be at least an Xcelerator type layout to be worth it. The park will now be up to three years in a row of high-thrill attractions. I don't want to see them becoming a better-looking Great Adventure.
  10. Mystic and Twisted Timbers have better theming than much of what Six Flags is putting out. A space-themed area would be one of the least-worst places for Six Flags to slap a DC Comics theme on a ride.
  11. I could have sworn I heard the KI sinking rumor began with the original Bat.
  12. This is exactly how I feel. I hate the idea of a park like Knott's with great theming and an incredible haunt event being run by Six Flags where both of those things would go to sh*t quickly but I also hate the idea of a park like Great Adventure being run like a Cedar Fair park, potentially opening in May like Dorney and losing everything that's cool about their Holiday event if they actually adopted the Cedar Fair style of management (which is probably less likely to be fair). Both of those things suck. I agree that I feel better about Six Flags now than I have in years but I appreciate
  13. Yes, Vortex was iconic and the first drop was among Arrow's best, but the drop into the corkscrews was one of the worst moments of jank I have ever experienced, and the location is prime terrain. So long as the replacement is inversion-heavy and reuses the station, I'll be happy for KI.
  14. Updated. 2020 opening plans will be Pantheon, Jersey Devil, whatever RMC Gwazi will be known as, whatever the new coaster at Coney Island will be, and hopefully Orion.
  15. Was about to say that, until I figured I haven't seen Valravn shortened to "Val", as much as Millennium Force being shortened to "Millie".
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