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  1. Traveling to Japan in a few weeks. Thinking about going to this park, but a little concerned about the seat size. Are they the same as the American ones? Have any taller or larger ppl been to this park and care to share their experience?
  2. I am holding out on going to this park until they open. I wish they would hurry up. Has anyone heard anything about member previews?
  3. I need some help or advice about how to tackle SDC. I am planning a visit on a Sunday in a few weeks. From what I've been seeing the park has been slammed. I can only go for that one day so I need some advice about how to tackle the major coasters and other unique can't miss attraction. Any advice would be helpful.
  4. I expected crowds. I didn't expect the park to be understaffed, nor did I expect for so many rides to be closed. But point taken. What I am hearing is that the park is known for poor operations and that just is apart of the deal when going to Hershey Park. Which is sad, because it is a great park. But in a world where you claim you have capped attendance because of covid AND you make people register what day they are going to visit it seems like they would do what they can to be better prepared to handle crowds.
  5. I went this Sunday and they were slammed! It was really a crappy experience. The long lines were probably in large part because so many rides and roller coasters were just closed for the whole day, operations where moving slow and there is pinned up demand. All in all it was a pretty subpar experience. I'll be thinking twice before I re-visit the park for the foreseeable future.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I wonder if it is super busy b/c it was labor day weekend? Or is KI just slammed on weekend regularly?
  7. Thanks for the report. The crowd levels seemed manageable. I am planning a trip on September the 18th. I got nervous b/c I heard Cedar Point has been slammed over the weekend. Your report put my mind at ease a little.
  8. The did. I rode it this weekend and it was awesome! Only big ride that wasn't open when I was there Sunday and Monday was MaxAir.
  9. I am planning a midweek trip (Mon & Tues) before they switch to weekend only. I was going to book Hotel Breakers but that price tag is hard to get past especially when I am staying two nights and the rooms are pretty average. I landed on the holiday inn. Hope I don't regret it. And I hope that if it is a bad choice some people in the forum will let me know in enough time to cancel.
  10. SO since the park is so empty that they are reducing capacity, are they still using the access pass thing? Or have they done away with that too? I was planning a two day trip where I'd get to the park at like 2:30 and stay til close and then go the next day from like 11-2 the next day. Would that be enough time to hit up the big rides?
  11. Questions for the people that have been to Cedar Point this season. Some of this info is public, but I'd like to get the views of people who have been in the park. 1. What is up with these timed passes? If you don't get one will you be denied access for the entire day? Or is there a standby line? 2. What are the co-vid19 measures like? Are people following them? Is the park enforcing them? 3. How are the wait times? I am planning a trip in a few weeks. Went to Hershey Park and thought they did a great job. This has me open to trying other big parks like Cedar Point.
  12. great start look forward to seeing more. Looks like Dollywood will have a rival!
  13. I am very excited about this ride. 1. I love the color scheme. It will be an imposing structure, but not an eye sore. 2. I love the wave turn. 3. Love that it will have a 300 foot drop and a 200 foot drop in one ride. This ride will definitely make me travel back Ohio to check this out and visit the Mecca, Cedar Point.
  14. Although I live in the Baltimore metro area, I've always considered Hershey Park my home park b/c it is the one that I went to every year as a child. I am very excited about the new hyper coaster! I like that they have two hyper coasters that really provide two unique experiences. Skyrush, is an aggressive hyper twister with tons of ejector airtime, whereas, this new ride will be an out and back with tons of floater airtime. The name is curious, but fact that a park themed to chocolate is a thing is equally peculiar. Bottom line, I am super excited to live so close to a park with so many world class coasters!
  15. It has become a rough ride. They should just do a Cedar Fair style RMC, which is one where they keep as much track as possible. Especially b/c they already have a classic out and back woodie and a racing twister coaster.
  16. So the 2010's have been very good to park 1. Wyvern look like awesome flying coaster. I love the theming. I think the flame flower on the ride thing is more of a six flags move BUT it works great and it is also on the best part ride. 2. Speed demon is excellently made. The Sky Rocket II is the boomerang of the 2010's. I finally rode the one at Busch Gardens and it was awesome. Capacity sucks, but the parks has so many other rides. So it is fine. 3. Werewolf looks awesome, I wish there was a POV. It looks like a Cedar Fair conversion where they keep most of the track. I am not sure if this is the end of the park. If it is, good job. If it is not, I look forward to the next update.
  17. We all do. The weight loss journey is rarely a straight line down to your goal. What is most important is that you don't beat yourself for it. Just start fresh.
  18. So I have some great news. I conquered my great white whale. I rode Fury 325! Some quick backstory. In 2015, like many, I went to Carowinds, and had the worst experience ever. I could not fit on Fury 325, the reasons I went, or Intimidator. It was a real bummer. In 2016 I took a trip to Cedar Point and Kings Island. While at Kings Island, I could not fit on Diamondback and barely fit on Banshee. While at Cedar Point I could not fit on Valravn, Force, Wicked Twister or TTD. Now that law school is over and I am barred and working, I decided to focus on my fitness. Since March, I've lost 50 pounds and I decided to go back to Carowinds to avenge my walks of shame and I fit! I still believe that Intimidator 305 is my number one BUT at least now I can talk about why based on my first hand experience on both coasters.
  19. Congrats on the weight loss! Keep it up. I am also on Keto. Like you, I still have cravings, but unlike you, I take cheat days every 2 weeks or so. But I've noticed that even when I cheat I often feel like it was not worth it. Also, like you, when I started the diet in March I was around 330, and as of today, I am down to 283. I say that to say, KEEP GOING, and the diet works! I set a goal of 15 pounds every 30 days. So far I am on track. My goal is to ultimately get down to around 225. My short term goal is to get down to a weight to ride B&M hyper coasters, which those calm shell restraints. I am 6'2" 283. After a successful Dollywood trip, I am headed to VA for a Kings Dominion/ Busch Gardens trip. Apollo's Chariot will be my first test run. If things go well, or close to well, I will be heading to Carowinds in July. PS DDP Yoga? Are you a wrestling fan too?
  20. Yeah man. My weight loss is slowing down as I approach losing 45 pounds. However I am starting to focus less on weight and more on inches as well and how clothes fit.
  21. Well I am going to play it safe. I am losing about 15 pounds a month so I am hoping that by July, I will be ready to give Carowinds another try.
  22. Thanks. There are no big boy seats on the first row. Also, I don't think the B&M's at Carowinds has these type of seats.
  23. I haven't been to the point in a while. I need to return. Great trip report.
  24. So I am excited to share that I went to Dollywood and did not have to take the walk of shame one time! To be fair, Lightning Rod and Dragon Flier were both tight fits but I rode everything else comfortably. This was my first time at Dollywood, so I was not sure what to expect. Overall it was a great day. Next I want to lose enough weight to fit on a B&M hyper/giga so I can take on Carowinds! Btw, Im the guy in the gray shirt. While the trip was a success, I ended up gaining 5 pounds! We ate very good and often. Needless to say, I am back on my Keto diet!
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