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  1. April 1975 One month until the grand opening. This update will be the final construction tour. Everything is almost finished. We are here in Nashville Street. They have just installed the lights, added benches, trash cans, and fencing. Also, they planted flowers and bushes throughout the park. Here is a series of photos I took today throughout the park. We painted the rust effect on Sasquatch’s station to make it look more abandoned. We painted the road markings on the small path to the plaza. Here is a little a
  2. January 1975 Welcome to the new year. Today’s update will be shorter than usual because we will only be focusing on two areas. We’re doing some final touches to the park. To kick things off is that we built a sign to greet our guests when they enter the park. In the front entrance of the park, the very left side will be serving as the exit. Here are some pictures of Nashville Street along with the new restroom in the area. We added the fencing to the entire Old Tennessee Area and implanted few trees. I will end this short update with a few pho
  3. November 1974 It’s been forever since I visited the site of this park. There’s a lot of things are different than when we last left off. Let us take a tour on the progress of this park. In the area we now called, Nashville Street. We built a small pier for guests to view the lake and the Ferris Wheel. Now, the main topic of this update is the newest area of the park called Town Square. We start off this tour with a diner along with a new asphalt pathway that will be decorated with road markings. Here’s the main plaza of this area along with the th
  4. July 1974 Sequel Hello. I am about to take you on the exclusive tour of Sasquatch. The world’s tallest and fastest coaster when it opens in 1975. Let us begin with our entrance shed. This shed is where the guards used to be guarding the area where the facility is. We have now entered the restriced area Here’s the building where the scientists sleep and tracking the possible sasquatch down. Here’s the footprints where the family of campers discovered the roar of sasquatch. Here’s the rest of the pictures for the queue area. We
  5. UPDATE My friend and I has decided on what day were doing the trip. It's gonna be from Friday, October 18th - Sunday, October 20th. We are thinking about staying at the Hampton Inn near the park. Also, we have decided to get on the plane for this trip. This is gonna be my first time riding on the plane. I'm going to need your airport advice's. For this trip, we have decided to just focus on the park. I'm going to need park advice as well. Thank you.
  6. Authors Update 1 Hello everyone. It's been a while since the last update. There will be more coming soon but here's a few things I like to address. I've been planning things and mostly working on a brand new area that you will see in the next update. I will have the picture preview and the logo below to see what's to come. Second reason is that recently my game itself has suffered a major slowdown due to my RAM almost being full, so I ordered the 16 GB RAM. It should come next week. Finally, for the release date of my next update could be either Late September or Early October. An
  7. We would be driving from Hague, Virginia. Traveling from Hague, Virginia. We will be planning on staying from Thursday - Sunday. I have been to Orlando before.
  8. Were planing on mainly going to Busch Gardens and the beach. Do you have any other places you could recommend?
  9. Hello everybody. My friend and I has decided to go to Tampa Bay, Florida sometime in September. We mainly are going to Busch Gardens Tampa and other places. We need some advice's for our trip. Thank you in advance. EDIT: Which one is the better option, flying on the plane or driving?
  10. July 1974 It’s been months since the last time I visited this site and a lot has changed from a few months ago. Apparently, the construction on this park is finishing faster than scheduled. The first change I noticed is the rest of the fences near the lake has been added. The buildings on the plaza is already completed the exterior work, they are working on the interior right now, but I will not show you the inside today. More pictures of the buildings in the plaza. I have plans to install a ride or two somewhere in either of those two areas.
  11. January 1974 I have decided to visit the site today and were already making good progress on the entrance area. They will start working in other areas soon. Here’s a little pond that the guests will see when they first walk into the park. They haven’t installed the fountain yet. This is the guest relations building. The signages will be added very soon. Here’s the building where guest can buy tickets and they already installed the switchback. Hopefully, it will manage large crowds. I will end it off with the building where the guests can enter t
  12. August 1973 Hello. My name is Charlie Acree. I have been a businessman for years now. Recently, I have gotten interested in the amusement park industry after being influenced by the success of Disneyland. I was thinking “Hey, a certain city in Tennessee needs a successful amusement park”. It took me months and months, but I successfully purchased the land near Nashville. I went to the land today to check it out and I was amazed by the natural beauty of the land. There was a lake in the middle of it along with the little island. I cannot wait to see the process of my park. For now, here’s a
  13. Hello, everyone. On August 9th - August 11th, I will be going to Cedar Point for my birthday weekend. I already booked Hotel Breakers with a lake view room. Does anyone have any tips for the park and the general area? Thank you
  14. Carowinds has released a blog update about Blue Ridge Junction and Copperhead Strike. The theming looks good. https://www.carowinds.com/blog/2019/january-copperhead-strike-construction-update?fbclid=IwAR0Nh9xd2PiVlCMdd-gu5LK8mWW7F_fqwt1CJj7fXeWK4Mchs_Ell-fqYxo
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